Main Street U.S.A

Go underneath the arches of the Disneyland Hotel and then go under the train station where the Disneyland Railroad will be located. After you've passed this, you will find yourself on the square of Main street U.S.A. On the left and right there will be the restrooms and guest services but now there will be a new building next to the entrance of the Liberty arcade, where you can follow the story of America's most famous symbol, the Statue of Liberty. In this new building will be a new restaurant based on a cartoonist's house called Animator square. Discover different of this cartoonist's sketches. On the right side of the square where the restrooms are currently, will be a new building where you can meet and greet some of your favorite characters at the Main Street City Meet-up hall.

Of course Main Street will give us the oppurtunity to explore many different shops. The change here will be that the buildings will all be different shops that sell different things. Flora's unique boutique will only sell clothing, the Emporium will sell a lot of merchandise etc. As you walk down Main Street, you will probably notice that you can board the horse-drawn streetcars and many of the other Main street vehicles to get a small tour of the street. Further on you can explore the sideways of the street.On the left will be the entrance to the Liberty arcade and also you will be able to dine at the Walt's- an American restaurant serving sophisticated and contemporary American cuisine, this is a Victorian-style tribute to the life and work of Walt Disney. Also you will notice that the citizens of Main street will greet you with a happy smile and that there will be a lot of singing and music all around the area to create a cozy atmosphere. The Dapper Dans group will be here to sing various songs and the Main Street Concert Band always plays a happy tune.Be sure to get a picture with some of your favorite characters as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and even Mary Poppins.

​On the right will be the Coffee Grinder, where you can enjoy with freshly ground coffee and deserts. Also there will be the Ice cream company. Here you can cool off and treat your sweet side with a scoop of the cold stuff from this specialist parlour. The Market house deli will also be present here. Fill up on hot and cold skyscraper sandwiches in this buzzing, early 20th century New York-style deli.

​If you walk a little further, you will come across the Cookie kitchen, where you can buy some really good baked cookie delights. Next to this, will be the Cable car bake shop which is full of an aroma of freshly baked pastries for a coffee and cake among a beautiful setting. Behind the right side of Main Street U.S.A is the Discovery arcade. Stumble upon the golden age of invention with scale models of some of the 19th Century's greatest, ground-breaking creations. Also inside the Discovery arcade will be the entrance to the Electric Railway. This ride will be similar to the ride in Tokyo with stations in Main street U.S.A and Discoveryland.

​On the end of the street is Casey's corner. Here you can try delicious American fare while watching some of Disney's sport shorts. On the other side of the street is the Gibson Girl ice cream parlour, an 20th Century ice cream parlour selling some of the most delicious ice cream of Main Street U.S.A.

​Then on the right hand side of the park's center is the Plaza Gardens restaurant where you can lap up a lavish buffet amid the Victorian splendour.

Main Street U.S.A :

Restaurants: - Animator square - Walt's- an American restaurant - The Coffee grinder - The ice cream company - Market House Deli - Cookie kitchen - Cable car bakery shop - Casey's corner - Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour - Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Attractions: - Disneyland railroad station Main Street U.S.A - Liberty Arcade - Main Street City Meet-up Hall - Horse-drawn streetcars - Main street vehicles - Discovery Arcade - Electric railway

Shops: - The Main Street Emporium - Flora's unique boutique - The Bookshop - The Crystal heart - Fleur's fauna store - Plaza east & west boutiques - Ribbons & Bows Hat Shop - The Bixby Brothers - Dapper Dan's hair cuts - New century notions - Boardwalk candy palace - Main Street Haberdasher - Main Street Motors - Harrington's fine china & porcelains - Disney Pin store - Disney & co

Entertainment: - Dapper Dans group - Main Street Concert band - Citizens of Main Street U.S.A - Disneyland parade


You enter Frontierland by going through Fort Comstock, a kid's play area and a building that will be home to the new audio-animatronic show, Legends of the West. This show is the little brother of An American Adventure which shows some of the greatest heroes from the Wild West.

​After passing the Fort, you will see the peaceful but spooky village of Thunder Mesa. Immediately inside Frontierland on the left you will find the Last Chance Cafe, a place where you can lay low and fill up on some tasty tex-mex. Next to this is the Lucky Nugget Salloon. Here you can strike gold with our quick and easy Tex-mex menus whilst feasting your eyes on the extravagant decor of this gold rush salloon bar.

​Then of you walk on you will find the Rustler Roundup Shootin' gallery. Do you have the fastest draw in town? From Prickly Cacti to Peg-Leg Pete, there are plenty of targets to test your eyes. Now here I'll stop for a moment to explain how Frontierland will be divided. The left side to Phantom Manor will still be the darker Thunder Mesa side and the first part of the right side will also be Thunder Mesa. But where the cowboy cook-out currently is, will now be small but lighter western town.

The town will have a Woody's round up shooter ride called Woody's wild western round up battle. The ride will be similar to Buzz lightyear but with better figures. Buzz Lightyear will leave Discoveryland but that's why the Woody ride excists now. A ride similar to Mater's junkyard jamboree will be here called Woody's cowboy square jamboree. In this ride you will board carriages held by horses similar to Bullseye. Also in this town will be the Home on the range minecart madness. This ride will be the Frontierland version of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with a Home on the Range theme. Board a mine cart and race through the mountains and mines of the wild wild west. Jessie's western salloon will be a fun restaurant dinner show based on Woody's round up.

​A bit back you will find Big thunder mountain railroad. Hold tight as this runaway mine train cart rattles you and your family wildy around this haunted mountain. The ride will be changed a bit to fit the original story which most people don't know. . Facing the entrance of Big Thunder Mountain is the Fuente del oro restaurant. Lead your young gang to this vestige of Mexican rule and savour the fiery flavours of the American South-West in this peaceful cantina.

​Near the Pocahontas Indian village with the Tribal Dance show will be a new flume ride where you board a canoe and go with Pocahontas on a great adventure in Pocahontas' river journey. The ride will have very advanced audio animatronic characters. Where the train station and theatre is, will be a new area which will be discussed in the next post.

​Back to the rivers of America. Pocahontas Indian village will be the location where you can board Indian canoes and see the wild western nature. The keelboats will be back after a long time of being out of use. The most important thing for me is too repair the Mark twain which is really breaking down. The Molly Brown will also have a small refurb to prevent big reparations. Along the rivers of America will be new things to see. You will be able to see more animals and inhabitants of the riverside. Canceled scenes will also be used, for example the buffalos. The mountains will get a fresh layer of paint and the geysers will be updated with the technology of the Disney Dreams fountains.

Now to a new ride that will be located behind the geysers of Frontierland. Geyser mountain will make a debut here in Paris. The ride will be a thrill ride that is

similar to Journey to the center of the Earth and the Tower of Terror. The story will be that a company near geyser mountain wanted to find the crystals inside geyser mountain, but when the miners went on a journey to find the crystals, they disappeared. Now it's our turn to board a mine cart and to find the lost miners. You will get beautiful views over frontierland and then go inside the mountain. A loud noise and a lot of shaking give us the hint that the powerful geyser, the old unfaithful is erupting. 

​Then if you walk further you will find the creepy Phantom Manor. You'll be peeking through your fingers in this fun-filled mystery, where ghoulish ghosts and spirits greet you around every turn. The ride will get a major refurb with new and better special effects. Next to Phantom Manor will be a new restaurant called the Shrieking Barn restaurant. The restaurant will be accompanied by a shop selling Phantom Manor merchandise.

​Back in Thunder Mesa you will find the Silver Spur Steakhouse. Don your rootin' and tootin' boots and swagger into this Western-style gentleman's club, where prime cutsare grilled to perfection. In the village area you will be able to met the citizens of Thunder Mesa. Also one will see how a thief tries to rob the bank, but gets caught by the sheriff.


Restaurants: - Last Chance Cafe - Lucky Nugget Salloon - Jessie's Western Salloon - Fuente del oro restaurant - Shrieking Barn Restaurant - Silver Spur Steakhouse

Attractions: - Fort Comstock - Legends of the west - Rustler roundup shooting gallery - Woody's western roundup battle - Woody's cowboy square jamboree - Home on the Range minecart madness - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Pocahontas' Indian village - Pocahontas' river journey - Indian canoes - Keelboats - Molly Brown - Mark Twain - Geyser mountain - Phantom Manor

Shops: - Shrieking barn store - Tobias Norton and Sons - Bonanza outfitters - Eureka mining supplies - Big Thunder photohrapher - Gold rush shop

Entertainment: - Woody's roundup - Citizens of Thunder Mesa - Lucky Nugget show - Tribal dance show

Critter Country:​

So why did I choose this land, well I did so because I think the area has great potential for Paris, since the area is very jolly which is different from the other lands that show a more serious way of creating a theme. The area will be all around the area of the Disneyland Railroad station and the theatre which will now hold a Bambi show similar to festival of the lion king. It will be called Prince of the forest' celebration. Also the area will partly be build behind the tracks of the Disneyland Railroad.

Also here will be a version of The Country Bear Jamboree. This version will use two narrations( French and English, probably through one French bear and one English one) and will be similar to the original show. Close to the riverside will be a restaurant called the Beaver river shack where you dine inside a wooden water mill. Every once in a while you can dance and sing with the critters of Critter country in the Crazy Critter spree.

​The next new E-ticket will be a splash battle ride called Zip-a-dee-do-dah river splash. In this ride you will be boarding rafts with water shooters on the vehicle. You will sometimes see some audio animatronic scenes from Splash mountain but you will also be able to trigger some of the actions happening( for example you will be able to let frogs shoot water at other guests). The ride will be both indoors and outdoors( with a part where you can shoot at the people on the side while they do the same to you). Auntie Cassie's will be a small restaurant where you can dine inside an old hedgehog's cottage.

Rackety's rum blast is a freefall ride, where guests first enter Rackety's Critter Elixir Company. They see various rums and elixir stored inside, through out the queue they can also see animals create the brew. However, once guests are seated on the "Acorn Trams", the trams ignore the "WARNING! 40 YEAR OLD RUM STORED" sign. As the rum is disturbed, it causes a huge explosion, causing the trams to shoot out of the company and back. You might think that the ride is then over, but it's not. Our vehicles drop on a track which is dangerous and will give us a more thrilling part in the ride. This free fall ride is a part dark-ride, part coaster ride and part freefall ride. It might seem similar to Geyser Mountain, but I promise you that it's not. Next to this ride will be Rackety's raccoon rums. Here you will be able to try some of Rackety's best drinks and don't forget the great food.

Silly bear's stop will be a big restaurant similar to the Hungry bear restaurant. There will also be a kiddie-coaster in Critter country called Wacky Woodpecker's flight. In the ride you'll race through the woods while you see holes in the trees which are made by the woodpeckers. Be ready for a thrilling( not that thrilling) and fun flight in the woods of Critter country. Brer Mole's hollow is a restaurant inside the Critter Country rock wall. For a bit more kinetic fun in the area, I wanted to have a spinner. I chose to put in a bee spinner, where you board the bees and fly inside the bee hive. It's going to be a Dumbo like spinner. It will be called Bee Buzz Swing.

Critter Country:

Restaurants: - Beaver river shack - Auntie Cassie's - Rackety's raccoon rums - Silly Bear's stop - Brer Mole's hollow

Attractions: - Disneyland Railroad station Critter country - The Country Bear Jamboree - Zip-a-dee-do-dah river splash - Rackety's rum blast - Wacky Woodpecker's flight - Bee Buzz swing

Shops: - Mr. Hoot's Hooters - The Briar Patch - Sandy's store

Entertainment: - Prince of the forest's celebration - Crazy critter spree


Enter through the magical city of Agrabah, where you can explore the adventures of 1001 Arabian nights. The area on the right( what is now the Agrabah cafe) will now be an Arabian market where you can buy food, buy merchandise and see the citizens of Agrabah. The market will be similar to the new Africa marketplace expansion at Animal Kingdom, Orlando. There's also the entrance to Sinbad's seven voyages, a copy from the original version of the Japanese ride. There would also

be an indoor rollercoaster based on Bird Roc. It will be called the Flight of Roc. Soar through the skies while the giant Arabian birds chase you. The entrance of the enchanted passage of Aladdin will now be used for Aladdin's Arabian nights, a dark ride where you board a flying carpet. The ride will use advanced audio animatronics and effects. Where the curious giraffe shop is now, will now be a flying carpet spinner( the ride from wdsp will be gone) called Genie's flying carpets.

​Then if you walk further to the left, you will find the Hakuna Matata restaurant. Unearth quick bites for all your young pride in this Lion King-themed eatery. There will be new murals in the restaurant and from time to time, Rafiki and Timon will come to visit you at your table. Where now the money services are( close to Colonel Hathi's) will be Harambe square, where you can find little huts with food and small shops. In the middle of Harambe square is a stage where different African songs, Lion king songs and Tarzan songs will be performed in Rhytms of Africa.On the right spot of Colonel Hathi's will be a new dark ride where you board tree trunks and explore the story of Simba in the Legend of the lion king.

​Next to this ride will be the Bear necessities restaurant. The building will look like it's made out of bamboo. From time to time Baloo, King Louie and Mowgli meet you at your table. Next to this restaurant is the Jungle book river cruise where you board a boat and cruise through the scenes of this beloved Disney movie. Outside will be a show called King Louie's Jungle Boogie where you can dance with all his monkey friends.

​If you walk further you will find Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril. Hold to your hat as this runaway wagon races you in and out of the dark and mysterious temple ruins. The ride will have both forward and backward parts. Next to the ride will be the Indiana Jones' trading post where you can buy Indiana Jones merchandise. This will not be the last Indiana Jones ride as also two other rides will be here. One would be the Indiana Jones adventure. Embark on a fast-paced thrill ride aboard a rugged troop transport that ventures deep inside a cursed temple. The ride will be original as you now travel into the temple of the Snake King who comes to live when you try to steal his treasures. The second ride would be Jungle jeeps. This ride would be for the smaller ones who love Indiana Jones also. It will be similar to Autopia, but now you will board jeeps that ride through the woods. Explore different animals and mysterious ruins.

​Then we move on to Adventure Isle. Adventure isle will have three mini areas. You will have Tarzan's island where you will find Tarzan's Jungle Swing, a thrill ride around Tarzan's treehouse. There will be a restaurant and shop called Trashin' the camp restaurant. The other area will be Skull rock bay where you can find the Jolly roger restaurant. On the ship you will find a show called Battle of Neverland( which you can see from the bays around the jolly roger and on the restaurant part of the boat). The show would be an action show where we see the battles of Captain Hook and Peter Pan, but when the Tick-Tock Crocodile shows up Captain hook becomes a codfish. On Adventure isle you will find many different things. On the island itself, you will find new areas where the Treasures of the seven seas game from WDW can be played. The shipwreck cove will become a Pirates of the Caribbean ship which we can explore. In the water you will be able to see mermaids( especially at night). Also other areas as Treehouse village, cannibal cove where you can see audio animatronics similar to the ones you can find in the jungle cruise tribal village, adventure caves where you can see the mysterious caverns of this wonderous island or Adventure beach, where from time to time you can see the kraken appear.

Then we get closer to the main ride of Adventureland, Pirates of the Caribbean. Climb aboard and set sail on a gripping adventure through the heart of a Spanish fortress under siege of the Jolly Roger. The ride will get a major refurb to make it look better and to have more and new effects. Next to the ride we have the Blue Lagoon restaurant where you can dive into a selection of exotic seafood and Creole cooking on the shores of a spectacular torch-lit lagoon. Near the restaurant will be the Pirates league, a rollicking romp of a good time where you get to join forces for a day with Captain Jack sparrow and his crew. Next to the entrance to Fantasyland will be The Legends of Captain Jack Sparrow, a copy of the ride from Orlando. The ride will have two theatres, one English theatre and one French theatre. You will first see all kinds of artifacts and then later you are able to become part of the pirate crew of Jack Sparrow. Outside will be a show called Yo-Ho Pirate fun, where the pirates will play music, sing and have fun with the guests.

​So the land now covers Agrabah/ middle east, Africa, Asia, Pirates and maybe Neverland. Think and let me know what you think about Adventure isle and the treehouse.


Restaurants: - Market of Agrabah - Hakuna Matata restaurant - Bear necessities restaurant - Harambe square huts - Blue lagoon restaurant - Jolly Roger restaurant - Trashin' the camp restaurant

Attractions: - Sinbad's seven voyages - Flight of Roc - Aladdin's Arabian nights - Genie's flying carpets - Legend of the Lion King - Jungle book river cruise - Indiana Jones and the temple of peril - Indiana Jones adventure - Jungle jeeps - Pirates of the Caribbean - Legends of Captain Jack Sparrow - Tarzan's Jungle Swing - Treasures of the seven seas

Shops: - Market of Agrabah - Harambe square shops - Indiana Jones' trading post - Abdul's wonders of Agrabah - The Captain's chest - Trashin' the camp shop

Entertainment: - Citizens of Agrabah - Rhytms of Africa - King Louie's Jungle boogie - Yo-ho pirate fun - Pirates league - Battle of Neverland


Enter this land from underneath the beautiful and unique Sleeping Beauty Castle. Inside the castle will be the new Sleeping beauty gallery called Sleeping Beauty's storybook halls. The walkthrough will not be as the old one as this ride be a mix of the walkthrough at Disneyland and the former walkthrough at Tokyo Disneyland. Follow the beautiful story of a princess who was cursed to sleep until the moment she would be woken by her true love's kiss. Inside the castle will also be a Meet and greet where you can meet Aurora, Philip and the three fairies. Underneath the castle will of course be Dragon's lair or La taniere du dragon. On fantasyland square you will have the show about all the movies represented in Disneyland Paris' fantasyland. The show will be called Festival of Fantasy. All your favorite fantasyland characters will celebrate the day, but when the villains find out that they're not invited, they invite themselves.

​The first thing that will happen to every dark ride in fantasyland will be that they will all be updated in the way as the Disneyland dark rides will be for the 60th . All the rides will get immersive queues similar to the peter pan's flight queue at Walt Disney World. Well let's go back to Fantasyland square where we can find Lancelot's royal carousel where you can take the reins and embark on an enchanting on Sir Lancelot's very own merry-go-round. On the right of the square you will find the Auberge de Cendrillon restaurant, where you can meet all your favorite Disney princesses.

​On the right of the square you will find two dark rides. The first dark ride is Snow white and the seven dwarfs or Blanche-Neige et les Sept Neins. In this attraction you will ride a mine cart( new vehicles that will actually look like mine carts) through the magical land of Snow White and discover how the seven dwarfs helped her to defeat the evil queen. The other ride is Pinocchio's daring journey or les voyages de Pinocchio, where you join Pinocchio and his friend Jiminy on his incredible quest to become a real boy in this no-strings-attached adventure.

To the right of the land you will find Mad Hatter's tea cups, the Disney classic where you spin inside a wonderland tea cup. Next to this you will find March hare refreshments, where you can enjoy British fare with a nice cup of tea. Behind the fantasyland buildings and the Bella Notte restaurant will be a new dark ride called The Aristocats or Les Aristochats. Ride through the story where everyone wants to be a cat. If you walk further you will find It's a small world. The ride will get a renovation so that we can see the world through the eyes of a child even better. If you walk into the direction of Discoveryland you will find the Fantasia Gelati where you can cool off with some truly magical ice cream flavours. Next to this is the Pizzeria Bella Notte where you can share a magical moment over some Italian specialities in this pizzeria inspired by the Disney Classic Lady and the Tramp.

​If you go back into Fantasyland you will find the Princess Pavilion where your little princesses can meet all their favorites. The pavilion

will be re-themed to look more like princess fairy tale hall. A bit further you will find the Old mill restaurant, here you can take some fantasyland delights from this beautiful mill. Alice's curious labyrinth will be renovated and have features like an audio animatronic white rabbit jumping behind a hedge and audio animatronic flowers singing. 

​Then we walk further and we find Dumbo's flying elephants. Take to the skies with everybody's favourite flying elephant for a breathtaking view of the magic below. Facing the ride is Toad's hall, a English countryside stately home for British fare in a grand setting inspired by The Wind of the Willows. Then we move on to Peter Pan's flight where you can swoosh through the sky in a magical galleon over starlit London before sweeping to Never Land , mermaids, indians and pirates await. The ride will get a new track to prevent the weird sounds made by the track now.

​And now I will talk about the big expansion I was planning on. The area where you can now find Casey Junior and the canal boats will be used for a big expansion similar to New Fantasyland. The area used will be all behind the train tracks. The first new area will be the Hundred Acre wood. This area will be very immersive as you will be able to explore all the houses of the characters ( except for Pooh's house because it will be the entrance of a dark ride. The ride will be called Pooh's grand adventure. In the ride you will board an air balloon ( the balloon will look like the red balloon, Christopher Robin gave to Pooh) which will start flying after you've seen the scene with a storybook page where Christopher Robin gives the balloon. The ride itself will actually look like pooh's hunny hunt, but with a different track system. Tigger's bouncy spot would be two small free fall rides where you can bounce like Tigger. Rabbit's howse will be a restaurant where you dine inside Rabbit's. Enjoy Organic food. Rabbit's farm is open for all guests. See outside the window, you may sometimes see friends from the 100 acre wood appear and stop by! A small eatery called Pooh's hunny spot which will sell hundred acre wood snacks( some with hunny of course).

​Another new area will be Paris square. Paris square will be themed to medieval Paris, where we can experience the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Inside the Notre Dame will be The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a dark ride where you board a vehicle similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The ride will be narrated by Clopin and will use very advanced audio animatronics. On the square in front of the Notre Dame will be The Festival of Fools, a street celebration where you can participate in the wackiest festival of the year( everyday).

The next area will be the Beauty and the Beast area. It will be similar to the new fantasyland version but bigger. The village will have more buildings and the castle will be full-scale. Gaston's tavern will be the diamond of the village. It's the most manliest of manly places where you can eat French delights and try LeFou Brew. Also in the village you will find Le Boulangerie de la France, where you can try a croissant, pain au chocolat and many more. Also other places as the Magasin du Fromage( cheese shop), the bookshop and the Bonjour! village gifts will be present. Inside Maurice's cottage, you will find the entrance of the Tale as old as time dark ride. This ride will be a trackless ride where you board a tea cup on a saucer. The tea cups will be designed to look as if they dance with the music from the dark ride scene. Inside the castle you will find The Enchanted castle tour, a walkthrough ride hosted by a cast member, Lumiere, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts. In this ride you will see the west wing, the library, the dining hall and Belle's room with madame Armoire. The tour will show the rose, the beautiful books, the be our guest and beauty and the beast scene. A copy of the Be our guest restaurant will be found inside the castle too.

​The new area will also feature the forbidden mountains, where the evil fairy, Maleficent lives. Inside the castle you will find a thrilling e-ticket ride called Escape from the Forbidden Mountains. The ride system would be very advanced as this ride will not just be an ordinary coaster, the vehicles would switch from track to robot arm( the robot arm will hold the vehicles for some parts where screens are involved). The vehicles will be similar to Gringott's coaster, but this ride will be more thrilling. Escape Maleficent and her goons inside this creepy castle.

The last movies represented will be Frozen and Tangled. Tangled will have a storytelling ride inside Tangled tower called Hairy tales with Rapunzel, follow Rapunzel on her Tangled adventure as she will show you the story with Pascal and Flynn. Also Mother Gothel will be seen in the ride. Snuggly Duckling restaurant will serve you inside this immersive restaurant. Inside the restaurant you will find the I've got a dream revue, a dinner show with the pub thugs, Rapunzel and Flynn. Frozen would get a

really cool trackless ride inside Arendelle castle where you board a sleigh and encounter trolls, wolfs, snowmen, blizzards and all your favorite characters in Frozen sleigh journey. When it's winter, there is an ice rink in the courtyard of the castle. Oaken's wandering trading post and sauna will be a Frozen shop selling Frozen merchandise. Arendelle quality chocolate would be a restaurant serving chocolate, chocolate oh and chocolate. Arendelle Akkershus will serve Norwegian specialities. 

This fantasyland expansion would make fantasyland really big, but I think it deserves that.


Restaurants: - Auberge de Cendrillon - March hare refreshments - Old mill restaurant - Pizzeria Bella Notte - Fantasia Gelati - Toad's hall - Au chalet de la marrionette - Rabbit's howse - Pooh's hunny spot - Gaston's tavern - Boulangerie de la France - Magasin du Fromage - Be our guest restaurant - Snuggly Duckling - Arendelle quality chocolate - Arendelle Akkershus

Attractions: - Sleeping Beauty Castle - Sleeping Beauty's storybook halls - Dragon's lair - Lancelot's royal carousel - Snow white and the seven dwarfs - Pinocchio's daring journey - Mad tea party - The Aristocats - It's a small world - Alice's curious labyrinth - Dumbo the flying elephant -Peter Pan's flight - Pooh's grand adventure - Tigger's bouncy spot - Hunchback of Notre Dame - Tale as old as time - The Enchanted castle tour - Hairy tales with Rapunzel - Frozen sleigh journey - Escape from the Forbidden mountains

Shops: - The Bookshop - Bonjour! village gifts - Oaken's wandering trading post and sauna - Gepetto's workshop - The glass slipper( replaces the castle shop) - The Seven Dwarfs' cottage - Three Fairies' sweet shop - Merlin the magician - The little house of toys - Pooh's corner - Sir Mickey's boutique

Entertainment: - Festival of Fantasy - Princess pavilion - Festival of Fools - I've got a dream revue


Welcome to the land where all famous inventors and vissionairies went to for their greatest projects ever. Here in Discoveryland, they built the future that never was. Discoveryland will dramatically change theme and attraction line-up. Captain EO, Star wars, Buzz and autopia will close but many other different attractions will be present.Enter Discoveryland past the beautiful bay of Discoveryland with its' sign.

Since Buzz Lightyear will be gone, you will now find Time Machine: Journey of the clock. In this ride you will board vehicles a trackless EMV vehicle similar to the ones from the movie The Time Machine. In the ride you will enter the labaratory of a scientist who has found the way to get back into time. We are invited to be his test riders. Through the ride you will see many different time periods like the Prehistoric times, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt etc. Then you can see the Orbitron-Machines volantes ride where you can board your fly machine to get a view of Discoveryland.

​On the right where you can now find Autopia will be a great new ride. Here you can find Journey to the center of the Earth inside Mount Prometheus, which will erupt every half an hour. Unearth yourself inside an unknown world deep underground. Let a vehicle, designed by Jules Verne, take you on a journey through the mysterious environments of this fantastical place. But wait.. is that shaking? The ride in Paris will be longer than in Tokyo. This ride will give a longer tour of the underground world. The ride will have more features of the original Jules Verne stoy too. Inside the mountain you will find the other station of the Electric railway. Also inside the mountain is the Crystal caverns cafe. A restaurant where you can dine inside a cave of mount Prometheus filled with colour-reflecting crystals.

Then next to Mount Prometheus will be an expansion of the Discovery lagoon where people can find the entrance to Voyage of the Nautilus. A ride similar to the one in Tokyo. The ride will be partly inside Mount Prometheus as well. The queue will be partly inside the Nautilus walkthrough but the ride will be the small subs that explore the seas. Encounter krakens, atlantic inhabitants and underwater volcanoes. The other part of the Nautilus will be used for Captain Nemo's grand salon, an undersea restaurant where you can dine inside the famous submarine itself. Space mountain will get a major refurb( paint, make the cannon fully work, better audio, better projections, better trains etc.) with a new storyline and name. The ride will be called From the Earth to the moon with the old moon projection( upgraded of course). Board a space ship and be shot into space by a cannon right from the world of Jules Verne.

​On the other side of From the Earth to the moon you can find the Hyperion cafe. The restaurant will be completely refurbed with different fly machines all around the restaurant. Next to the restaurant you will find the Island at the top of the world dark ride where you board a zeppelin vehicle that flies to the arctics.

​Then where we can now find Star tours and Captain Eo, will be demolished and this will lead us to the expansion behind the train tracks of the park. A new steampunk like train station will be build for Disneyland railroad discoveryland station. A gallery hall like building leads us inside The hall of vissionaires, a ride similar to mystic manor. Enter this museum where all kinds of designs and prototypes can be found. Board your tour pod and see how all the inventions begin to move. Next to this ride will be a metal steampunk garage which is the entrance to Magneta, a rollercoaster which is both indoor and outdoor. The rollercoaster is invented by an inventor who works with magnetism and who likes to see transport by magnets. You board your train, but when the inventor opens the magnetic fields, the train goes wild.

​Around Discoveryland you will see people fly in flymachines from Volo de DaVinchi. Enter Leonardo's workshop and see several sketches of flymachines. Then in the pre-show you will see the man himself explaining about his flymachines. Then you board your flymachine and have a beautiful view over Discoveryland. Next to the ride will be an Italian restaurant called Sapori d'Italia where you can try some delicious Italian dishes.

​Dine inside the Factory flavours restaurant. A restaurant inside a steampunk like restaurant where you can see all kinds of machines. Next to this will be a dark ride based on Around the world in 80 days. This dark ride will follow the story of Fogg and Jean.

The next restaurant is my personal favorite. It's called Rattling rails refreshments. This restaurant is similar to Europapark, Germany's food loop restaurant. It will be a great experience to be there, because your food won't be served by cast members but it will arrive at your table as a rollercoaster. Look at the link below and you'll see what I mean.

​The next attraction will be a coaster called The Fly Machine. Enter a hangar where several protypal fly machines can be found. In the coaster you will board a winged fly machine and fly around Discoveryland. The ride will be a mix of a wing-coaster,dive-coaster and a flying coaster similar to Manta. Near the ride is Hangar 13 where you can try some delicious dishes.

Another area brings us to the car company area. Here you can find Tire tracks. This ride is similar to Test track. Here you'll board the car that never was. In the ride itself you will first undergo some small tests( not too modern as in Epcot) and you will see some audio animatronic scenes of the evolution of the car. Then you get the thrill part where you get to test to speed of the car. Motor mania can be found here as well. The ride is similar to Autopia but will go a bit faster and the vehicles will look similar to old timers.

​The last area here will bring you to a secret labratory that is covered with plants. The ride is called Carnivora. The ride is a scary thrill ride where you enter a secret lab where chemicals are added to plants. The plants come to life but they become carnivorous and so try to eat us. Escape the secret lab inside this thrilling ride. The ride will be similar to this but the ride I had in mind is more on a scare level of dinosaur, so no blood or deaths just scary. Next to the ride will be a small restaurant called Fauna gardens, where you dine inside a sort of greenhouse and also in the outside gardens. The restaurant will serve healthy food but of course there are some other snacks for the carnivores.


Restaurants: - Crystal caverns cafe - Hyperion cafe - Captain Nemo's grand salon - Sapori d'Italia - Factory flavours - Rattling rails refreshments - Hangar 13 - Fauna gardens

Attractions: - Time machines: journey of the clock - Orbitron- Machines volantes - Journey to the center of the Earth - Electric Railway - Voyage of the Nautilus - From the Earth to the moon - Island at the top of the world - Disneyland railroad station Discoveryland - The hall of vissionaires - Magneta - Volo de DaVinchi - Around the world in 80 days - The Fly Machine - Tire tracks - Carnivora

Shops: - Leonardo's workshop - Prometheus' treasures - Inventor's corner - Hangar souvenirs - Tick-tock clock shop - Souvenirs around the world

Entertainment: no entertainment

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