Its a parade at Disneyland paris In Honour of Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary celebration as Know in French is Called Disney Sur Parade:25 Ans de Magie

The Music is from Tokyo Disneylands Disney On Parade:100 Years of Magic


  • Opening

Starring:Tinkerbell,Good Faries,Blue Fairy

  • Animation Book
  • SnowyLand(Based on 2013 Movie Frozen)


  • Assemble(Based on 2012 and 2015 Film)

Starring:Iron Man,Thor,Capatin America,Hulk,Hawkeye,Black Widow

  • Awesome Dance Party(Based on 2014 Movie Guardians of the Galaxy)

Starring:Star Lord,Gamora,Rocket Raccoon,Groot,Drax

  • Cowboy Party(Bassed On Toy Story)

Starring:Woody and Jessie,Buzz Lightyear

  • How are you feeling today?(Based On Disney/Pixar Inside Out)

Starring Joy,Sadness,Fear,Anger and Disgust

  • Princess

Starring Cinderella,Snow White,Belle,Rapunzel,Jasmine,Sleeping Beauty

  • Big Hero 6(Based on 2015 film)

Starring Hiro and Baymax


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Background Information

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