Disney Mexico Resort


Mexico City, Mexico


Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
(The Walt Disney Company)


The Walt Disney Company


"The Magical Place of Mexico"

Disney Mexico Resort is a entertainment resort with three Disney parks, Disneyland Mexico, Atlas Disney, and DisneyCove, and a dinning, shopping and entertainment complex, Disney City, and two hotels.

Theme Parks

  • Disneyland Mexico, a theme park themed to a kingdom with Disney characters, fairy tales, jungle, space, ghost, pirates, and wild west.
  • Atlas Disney, a theme park themed to worldwide culture and wildlife.
  • DisneyCove, a mairine theme park.
    • DisneyCove Aqua Island, a water park located next door to DisneyCove dry theme park.

Downtown Disney

A downtown district at Disney Mexico which features dinning, shopping and entertainment.


  • The Disney Hotel
  • Atlas Disney Hotel

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