Disney's Neverland is a Disney Park in Sacramento, California. It is based on the setting in the 1955 movie, "Peter Pan".


Main Street, London

Pirates' Cove

Lost Boys' Forest

Tiger Lily's Indian Camp

Pixie Hollow

Mermaid Lagoon


Flight To Neverland

Smee's Lagoon Boat Ride

Skull Rock Treasure Hunt

The Forest Chase

Curly's Treetop Railway

Slightly's Underground Rollercoaster

Indian War Path

Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust Rush

The Pirate Fairy Ride

Tick-Tock's Crazy Crocodile Train

Mermaids Undersea Adventure


London's Finest Cafe

Hook's Seafood Restaurant

Peter's Kids Cafe

Tiger Lily's Feast Area

Fairy Food


Queen's Tea Shoppe

Disney London

England Outfitters

Pirate Clothes Place

Swashbuckling Toy Store

Pirate This and Pirate That

Lost Boy Shop For Everything

Indian Trading Post

Tink's Fairly Fairy Store

Mermaid Mall


Peter Pan Live in London

Skull Rock Stunt Show

Tink's Fireworks

Indians Dance Show

Little Mermaid: The Musical

Character Spots & More

The Darling House

Lost Boy Camp

The Jolly Roger

Pixie Hollow Post

Underground Home

Tiger Lily's Den

Ariel's Grotto

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