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List of Lands and Rides

Main Street USA


The Town Square Theater - Meet Magician Mickey Mouse.

Magic Kingdom Railroad - Trip around the park and into the Grand Canyon.

The Great Hall of Presidents  - See the presidents of the United States come to life in this spectacular show about the history of the United States.


Plaza Inn -  Buffet inside a pavilion furnished with 20th century decor.

Casey's Corner - Classic hot dogs, sundaes, and fountain drinks in a shop owned by famous baseball player, Casey.

Main Street Waffle Company - Speciality waffles made by Madame La'Faun, the famous waffle expertee who opened her first restaurant here at the Main Street.

Daisy's Soda Shop - The famous Gibson Girl mascot awaits you here. Drink Soda and eat Sundaes while you wait for your "loved" ones...

Walt's - Table service french food. A Tribute to Walt Disney himself, this full course restaurant has Walt Disney relics and memorabilia.


The Emporium - Housing over 3 showbuildings, The Emporium is everything Disney. Obtain your Magic Kingdom goods here!

Liberty Courthouse - Main Street's first historical relic shop. After Judge Harrison ended his carrier, he opened his courthouse with his collections to guests coming to the Magic Kingdom.

The Confectionary - The biggest Snack Shop in Main Street! Endulge yourself with speciality sweets.

Houdini's Magic Shop - This magic shop features the biggest collection of magic goods.

Harmony Barber Shop - The famous Harmony Barbers style you up while singing in this 19th century barber shop.


Disney's Magical Worlds- The Magic World of Disney collide! With the help of Sorcerer Mickey, let the Magical Worlds of Disney sprice up the Kingdom!!  Daytime shows from 3pm.

Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights- Nighttime Parade. Spectacular lighting and amazing floats create a spectacle of light and magic. Nighttime shows from 8pm.

Festival of Fantasy Parade- Daytime Parade. See your favorite Disney characters celebrate Fantasyland, with bright colorful floats, amazing music, and a jaw dropping six ft. tall fire breathing steampunk dragon float. Daytime show at 3pm

Once Upon a Time - Castle Projection and fireworks spectacular. When Mrs Potts tell Chip some of her favorite stories, Cinderella Castle comes to life as a storybook! Nighttime shows at 7pm, 9pm.



The Legend of Castle Tops - Take a journey through the cursed castle of Elisa Von Schukklestein and escape the wrath of Horus, an egyptian deity.  FP    Height Requirement: 117cm, 5 minutes

The Haunted Mansion - Visit the home of 999 ghosts. 14 minutes

Jungle Cruise - Take a cruise through the jungle. Can you survive? Your only hope is the Safari Amulet.  9 minutes.

The Enchanted Tiki Room - See birds as they sing and croon to polynesian music. 20 minutes.

Swiss Family Treehouse - See the various rooms of Swiss Family Robinson. Walkthrough attraction.


Explorer's Club - Eat exotic and tropic food in the meeting grounds of S.E.A. Members. See various treasures and might come to life...

China Voyager - Chinese food. After Sailor Josh crashed his boat in Adventureland, he used his destroyed boat as a sanctuary of chinese food for SEA Members.

Aloha Isle - Dole Whips. The Tiki Gods treat grounds for tired humans and visitors of the Enchanted TIki Room.

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost- The old deserted house of Eliza Von Schucklestein has become the sanctuary of Colonel Hathi. Now his jungle friends proudly serve you Pizza.


SEA Explorer's Mercantile - In this shop filled with memorabilia, buy goods and treasures collected from various SEA members.

Safari Explorers Co. Imports - Jungle themed goods. Safari Explorers amazing imported Jungle goods include the "Safari Amulet" ($6.99), an interactive amulet that triggers mystic occurances in Adventureland.

Castle Elisa Von Schukklestein Vault - Exit of Legend of Castle Tops. SEA Members gathered her collections after Elisa's dissapearance. Now, re-experience the fear of Castle Tops at home or your workplace.

Other Experiences

Lord Mystic's Magical Collections - See Henry Mystic's treasures come alive in this spectacular show! 15 minutes.

Sebastian's Carribean Cavalcade - Musical featuring Sebastian. Shown at the Jungle Stage.  30 minutes.

The Safari Amulet - An interactive experience that is activated by purchasing the "Safari Amulet" interactive toy.

Pirate's Cove


Pirates of the Caribbean - Take a sailing ride where the pirates ruled the world. 15 minutes.

Battle for Buccaneer Bay  - 3D Shooting Ride. Duel with other players. 6 minutes.

The Black Pearl - Full sized replica of Jack Sparrow's famous ship. 


Tortuga Tavern - Counter service. The Pirates Hide-out tavern is open for guests. Special beverages include "Sparrow's Ale" ($5.99).

A Pirate's Life For Me - Inside the Pirates Fortress. Eat inside dark caverns, and treasure vaults. This interactive restaurant is a treat for guests for all ages.


Blackbeard's Treasure - Pirates of the Caribbean goods. Obtain your Pirates good from the stash of Blackbeard inside his mysterious cave full of treasure.

Golden Galley  - Exit of Pirates of the Caribbean. After Jean Laffite settled in the Pirates Cove, he opened a shop dedicated to pirates while creating many miniature pirateship models in his free time.

Other Expriences

Jack Sparrow's Pirate League - Learn how to become a pirate!

Pirates of the Caribbean Stunt Spectacular - Stunt show aboard the Black Pearl.

Star Wars Galaxy - Endor


Death Star Trench Run FP  - It's the final battle between the Empire and the Rebellion! This ride is similar to "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" at Islands of Adventure. X-Wing vehicles are mounted on KUKA Arms that take you on a galactic dogfight between X-Wings, TIE Fighters and Darth Vader himself. Height Requirement: 122cm 4 minutes.

Speeder Bike Run - While the X-Wings fight the rebellion, help Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca on a mission to destroy the Shield generator! A thrilling coaster through the forests of endor. Height requirement: 122cm. 3 minutes.

Star Tours: Ewok Encounter - Meet the loveable Ewoks on a tour pack created specially by Star Tours Travel Agency.


Bright Tree Tavern - Eat inside "The Bright Tree", a sanctuary for all Ewoks.


Gurrek Traders - Named after the fauna of Endor, buy Star Wars goods.



Big Thunder Mountain  - The Wildest ride in the Wilderness through caverns and explosive tunnels!  FP   Height Requirement: 102cm.  4 minutes.

Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland - Slow relaxing ride through the desert and Rainbow Caverns. 15 minutes.

The Country Bear Jamboree - Show of over 10 unique bears rockin' to country music! 20 minutes.

Tom Sawyer Island and Rafts - Take a raft to Tom Sawyer Island, home of adventure and exploration. 1 minute.

Mark Twain Riverboat - Huge boat through the Rivers of America.  15 minutes.

Frontierland Shooting Exposition - Test your accuracy!


Pecos Bill Cafe - Pizza and pasta. Relive the legend of Pecos Bill and his tall tales in this old timey saloon.

Hungry Bear Restaurant- Curry rice and cutlet. The Country Bears created their own restaurant for hungry bears and miners from Big Thunder. Feel the nature in this cabin-like restaurant.

Zorro's Mexican Outpost - Mexican food. The Legendary hero Zorro has become a legend in Frontierland. And his legend continues to this day. A Tribute to the hero.


Prairie Outpost and Supply -Frontier goods. Miners showcase their special accessories making here. Now you can make your own one of a kind accesorie with your name sculpted on it!

Big Thunder Mine Distribution Tent - Treasure and gold items. The Gold Rush is here! Buy Nuggets(gold) and western goods right from Big Thunder Mountain.

Frontier Mercantile - Frontier goods. The renouned blacksmith in Fronterland opened this mercantile as a means to sell his precious frontier mercantile.

Westward Ho Trading Company - Western goods. Here, you can use your "Frontier Currency" to trade goods and gain even more! "Westward Ho" is the chant in which when miners find nuggets.

Rainbow Ridge Naturesmith's - Animal goods. The Biologist Doctor Connery has been the most famous doctor and biologist in Rainbow Ridge! Her amazing works of nature is sold here.

Big Thunder Mountain Co. - Big Thunder Mountain goods. Fresh from Big Thunder, buy candies, nuggets and other treasures.

Other Experiences

The Golden Horseshoe " Mickey and Company " - Dine and see the amazing show!

Critter Country


Splash Mountain - Take a laughing journey to Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place. FP   Height Requirement: 90cm.  10 minutes.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt  - Help Pooh find his hunny.  FP  5 minutes.

Tigger's Bouncy Place - Bounce with tigger. 2 minutes.

Owl's Treehouse - Explore Owl's treehouse.

Beaver Brother's Explorer Canoes - Canoe paddle through the rivers of america.  7 minutes,

Rackety's Rum Blast - Blast through Rackety's Rum Factory and above.   Height requirement 112cm  3 minutes.


Critter Elixir - Drink stand. Rackety created special elixirs for the critters. His "Elixir-O-Matic" creates all the wonders that quench your thirst.  Try the special "Briar Elixir" ($5.99) after your amazing journey through Chickapin Hill.

Grandma Sara's Kitchen - Country food. Feel at home by eating inside Grandma Sara's cave (she's a mole) with various small homes of other Critters. Try "Grandma Sara's Special Plate" ($13.99) with her favorite and best creations.

The Hunny Place - Food using honey. Snacks. Pooh's dreams have come true! This Honey Tree shaped snack cart sells all the honey you need for your day.


The Briar Patch - Splash Mountain goods. Inside Brer Rabbit's home, buy all the jolly and Laughin' goods.

Pooh Corner- Winnie the Pooh goods. Inside a British house, buy all the Pooh you need.

Brer Firefly's Photos - On ride photos of Splash Mountain. Brer Firefly's high-quality photos are sold here from your drop to the Briar Patch.



Pinocchio's Daring Journey - Embark on an adventure with Pinocchio.  4 minutes.

Matterhorn Bobsleds-  Slide thru the alpine mountain with an encounter by the yeti.  FP   Height Requirement: 102cm.  3 minutes.

Rapunzel's Tangled Journey - Take a boat ride through the story of Rapunzel.  12 minutes.

Mary Poppins' Amazing Adventure - Embark on Carousels and explore the world of Mary Poppins, the magical nanny.  FP  5 minutes.

Peter Pan's Flight  - Fly high over neverland and London!  FP  3 minutes.

Mr.Toad's Wild Ride - Take a wild ride through London and into hell. 2 minutes.

Alice in Wonderland - Embark on over-sized caterpillars into Alice's wonderland. 5 minutes.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Soar over Storybook circus on the amazing Dumbo!  1 minute.

Casey Jr. Circus Train- Board the Casey Jr. 3 minutes.

Storybookland Canal Boats - See various Disney locations, miniature!  7 minutes.

it's a small world - the happiest cruise that ever sailed the world. 12 minutes.

Mad Tea Party - Spin on tea cups. 1 minute.

Castle Carousel - Take a relaxing carousel ride. 1 minute.


Pinocchio's Village Haus -Pizza. This Alpen style cabin tells the story of Pinocchio.

Matterhorn Inn - Switzerland food. See the glourious Matterhorn behind this restaurant with comfort Switzerland food.

The Snuggly Duckling- Table service german food. Inside the famous Saloon from "Tangled", see villains perform and eat comfort german food. Daily performances by Hookhand is one of the unique aspects!

Jolly Holiday Bakery- Bread and scones. This jolly bakery pays tribute to Mary Poppins. See all the beautiful glasses which retell the story of Mary Poppins.

Wendy and Burt's Teahouse - British tea and snacks. This authentic teahouse overlooks the London area.

Storybook Treats - Circus confectionary'. Humphrey the Bear and other circus pals bring you Circus food!


Rapunzel's Market - Tangled goods. Rapunzel's paintings of the light ceremony illuminate this shop. You might even find Pascal hidden in the garden next to the shop!

Pleasure Island Confectionary - Pinocchio goods. Some of the snacks from Pleasure Island has made it to this shop. Don't worry, this wont turn you into a donkey. This carnival like shop features whimsical toys.

Baby Mine - Items for babies. As Jumbo would say, Baby Mine is the shop only for infants and babies.

Travers British Antiquities - British items, Mary Poppins items. After having a wonderful journey with Mary Poppins, why don't you purchase souveniors dedicated to Walt Disney's classic? This shop is also a tribute to PL Travers, the author of Mary Poppins.

Souveniors from Neverland - Peter Pan goods. Inside the Darling's Household is the gift shop from Neverland! John and Michael bring you some of their favorite Lost Boys souveniors while Wendy showcases her pirate souveniors.

Toad Hall - Mr.Toad's Wild Ride goods.'After your Wild Ride, step into Toad Hall for a still-wild souvenior shop.

Big Top Gifts - Dumbo souveniors. The citizens of Hattonville has gathered the biggest stars of the circus! With amazing circus gifts, see Timothy Mouse and Dumbo fly above guests.

Toon Town


Mickey's House and Meet Mickey - Meet Mickey Mouse in the Movie Barn!

Minnie's House - Explore Minnie's house.

Donald's Boat - Explore Donald Duck's boat, the SS Daisy.

Goofy's Paint and Play House - Help Goofy paint his new  house using the Toon Tone Splat Master! 1 minute.

Chip and Dale's Treehouse - Climb up their treehouse.

Gadget's Go Coaster - Speed through Toon Lake on Gadget's home-made coaster! 1 minute.

Toon Town Trolley Mayhem - Embark on a crazy tour through Toon Town and dangerous Toon Alley!  FP   Height Requirement; 90cm. 5 minutes.


Huey Dewie Louie's Good Time Cafe-  Pizza'. This cafe became a sensation in Toon Town after the famous Mickey Pizza launched it's fame to the citizens of Toon Town. Bon Appetit!

Duckberg Embassy -  Fast food. Hosted by Scrooge McDuck, the Duckberg Embassy brings food right from Duckberg to Toon Town. See the various mischief by the Beegle Boys and Launchpad McQuack as he blasts his aviation skills above guests.


Gag & Dime - Toon Town, totally zany goods. This factory run by the Toon Town Hall of Gags is totally crazy. With a running transportation machine "The Toonporter" causes chaos, this shop suits the craziness of Toon Town.

Star Wars Galaxy - Hoth


Battle of Hoth- Join the rebellion on a thrilling inverted coaster through the icy planet of Hoth and a horde of AT-AT Snowwalkers along with TIE Fighters. FP Height Requirement: 132cm. 4 minutes.

Star Tours: Hoth Trek - Star Tours Travel Agencies present...The Hoth Trek. Journey through the snowy plains of Hoth on board your own Taun-Taun's.  5 minutes.


The Outpost - Presented by Star Tours, eat inside various diners made out of downed AT-AT Walkers.


Moorsh Moraine Cavern - The temporary base of the Empire has been converted a makeshift shop.



Space Mountain - Speed through the voids of Space.   FP   Height Requirement: 117cm. 4 minutes.

Astro Orbiter -  Board the rocket on a flight above Tomorrowland. 1 minute.

Journey Into Imagination! - Take a curious journey through the imagination of Figment.  FP  6 minutes.

The Great Space Age - Embark on a journey to find the Space mineral, a fuel with unlimited power in this steampunk meets future adventure!  8 minutes.

The Amazing Atom-A-Tron   - Take on an experiment by mad scientist, Professor Atom. 12 minutes.

Transportation Pavilion - Experience the future of transportation!

  • Soarin Over The Horizon - Take on a breath-taking flight over the world. FP  5 minutes.
  • Test Track   - Speed through Tomorrowland on a custom made SimCar.  FP' ' Height Requirement: 112cm.  5 minutes.
  • Motor Bike Stunt Spin - Experience what it's like to be a motocross driver.   Height Requirement: 132cm 4 minutes. 
  • Junior Flight - Take on a motion simulator to land or take off on a plane!  5 minutes.
  • Shinkansen: Beauty of Japan - A motion simulator Bullet Train ride to Japan and see various landmarks. 10 minutes.

Cyberspace Mountain - Inspired by TRON. Go on lightcycles and escape the GRID!  FP  Height Requirement: 142cm. 3 minutes.

Wreck It Ralph: Arcade Rescue 3D  - Help Vanellope from the evil Turbo.  It's Turbo-Tastic!  Height requirement: 85cm 5 minutes.


Tomorrowland Terrace - Italian food. Daily shows by Plectu, the intergalactic superstar! Tomorrowland Terrace is a space diner that looks like a crashed spaceship. See various commercials while you eat!

Space Station X-1 - Table service food aboard a spaceship. 360 Wrap around screens engulf you inside this orbiting spaceship. This interactive restaurant features various foods and sights.


Steller Sweets - Sweets from the galaxy.

The Mineral Depot - Space Age goods. Exit of The Great Space Age. Get some good'ol minerals and souveniors from the town of Minearl.

Space Booth  - Space Mountain onride photos.

ImageWorks- JII goods.

Soarin' Concourse - Soarin Over the Horizon on board photos.

exitTRACK - Test Track onboard photos.

Flynn's Arcade - Cyberspace Mountain onride photos, TRON gifts and game center.

Litwak's Arcade - Wreck It ralph goods, game center.

Summer Overlays

Splash Mountain SOAKED - Extra water has been added to Chickapin Hill!

Matterhorn Bobsleds SOAKED - The wrath of the Abominable Snowman is even stronger with more water!

Rackety's Rum Blast SOAKED - Rackety's Rum formula has been tampered with! That means MORE WATER

The Country Bear Vacation Jamboree - Summer songs a-go with the new Vacation Jamboree!

Halloween Overlays

Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare -Jack Skellington and his people from Halloween Town has decked the halls of the Haunted Mansion!

Big Thunder Mountain: Ancient Terror - Every 100 years, the curse of the native americans strike upon Big Thunder's this year.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Get the Fever! - Hot birds from Vegas takes the stage during Halloween!

Goofy's Paint and Play House (Special Halloween Stage) - Extra stages, extra fun.

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy - Escape from the menacing Ghost Galaxy, a being that feeds on the Universe.

CyberSCREAM Mountain - The Grid has seen better days. Unleash CLU.

Mickey's Halloween Bash Parade - See your favorite characters in spooky costumes, with fun surprises lurking around every corner of the streets.

Christmas Overlays

Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare - The delightful screams continue until Christmas!

Jingle Cruise - Take on a jungle cruise with holiday jokes and sights.

Country Bear Christmas Hoedown - The Christmas musical done by Country Bears.

Splash Mountain Christmas Tales - The tale of Brer Rabbit revisited with a Christmas twist.

it's a small world: Very Merry Holidays - Christmas Version..

Matterhorn Sleighs - Hohoho down Matterhorn on Sleighs.

Goofy's Paint and Play House (Special Stage) - New Christmas stage.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade - A remake of the holiday parade at Disneyland Park with more fan favorite characters celebrating the Christmas season

Main Street USA 

The good ol' main street USA. The Main Street is identical to the one in Magic Kingdom but with attractions from Disneyland.

Disneyland Railroad 

Entrance: Identical to the one found in all DIsney parks. This large building, located at the entrance greets guests whom enters the magic kingdom.

Main Street Vehicles 

A nice ol stroll along Main Street.

The Great Hall of Presidents

See a magnificent lobby full of presidential and USA artifacts, and then see all of the USA Presidents in action.


Adventureland is a land owned by members of S.E.A.(Society of Explorers and Adventurers), each attraction is owned by a SEA member. 

As guests approach the area, they are greeted by a large waterfall. Undernearth a large boulder arch, guests enter the world of adventure. THis area is extremely large. The area near the entrance is dubbed "Adventurer's Lagoon", a tropic island that is surrounded by a large body of water. Atop the body of water, guests can visit "Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost" via an old, rickety, wooden bridge. Adventurer's Lagoon is an remote island inhabited by various S.E.A (Society of Explorers and Adventurer's) members. A large pagoda surrounded by Polynesian plants houses the "Enchanted Tiki Room" , which houses a musical presented by talking birds, trained by famous bird-lover, Cornelius Tweetius. Tucked away in a bed of tropical trees is the "Explorer's Club" which is a sanctuary for all SEA members. A table service restaurant, Explorer's Club is adorned with all the artifacts and memorabilia from past adventures of SEA members. "Aloha Isle" serves fresh Pineapple juice and soft serves. "China Voyager" is very noticeable as it is inside a marooned boat that is decorated with flags from around the world, which celebrates the various ethnicities of SEA members. "SEA Explorer's Mercantile" is housed inside a small mansion next to the Explorer's Club, and sells various items.

As guests cross a wooden bridge, they can see the remnants of an old graveyard. Filled with various gravestones. A traditional Victorian garden leads guests into the famous "Haunted Mansion", which is atop a large hill. In this version of the MAgic Kingdom, this ride is in Adventureland since the mansion is disguised as an old hideout owned by SEA Member Henry Ghoule, which was eventually abandoned. This mansion looks identical to that of Disneyland. Lord Henry Mystic, a SEA Member who owns his very own house of mysterious artifacts in Hong Kong is extremely fond of this mansion. While Mr. Ghoule has sadly passed and is said to reside in this mansion as a ghostly spirit, Lord Mystic has made sure to visit his old pal here at the MAgic Kingdom. Thus, he presents "Lord Mystic's MAgical Collections", an auction-like show that presents his artifacts that come to life. 

Explorer's Lagoon houses another haunted place. "Castle Schukklestein" is an abandoned castle owned by Elisa Shukklestein, a SEA member whom collected artifacts based on ancient deitys. The castle is located on a large mountain, on the edge of a hill. The mountain is called Castle Tops. SEA members swear they saw the spirit of Schukklestein after her mysterious dissapearance in 1889. Thus, in honor of Lady Schukklestein, they present "Legend of Castle Tops" , an "educational tour" takes guests on a journey through the haunted castle. Since SEA Members are low on budget (too much cash on adventures), they have no money to keep the tour running for free. Thus, they use "Castle Schukklestein Vault" , located inside the weapons vault of then-fortress Castle Shukklestein to sell items. The whole sub-area around Castle Schukklestein has a haunted aura, and plays omnious music that creates a horrifying mood.

The final area, located near the entrance to Frontierland is a dense jungle. Here, guests can go on board "The Jungle Cruise" , owned by Safari Explorers Co. "The Swiss Family Treehouse" is also located here. Furthermore, the company created a makeshift stage using various items used for transportation called the Jungle Stage. Here, various shows are held. The whole Adventureland area is large, and the attractions somewhat unique, but the aesthetics of the area itself is similar to that of traditional Disney parks.

Legend of Castle Tops 

  • Castle Von Schultz: A Mysterious Castle

Owned by SEA member, Eliza Von Schultz, the notorious Von Schultz castle was called "Castle Tops" since the castle was located atop a stone hill. The castle is deserted with mysterious sightings outside of the castle. Guests enter the castle and board a magical bench and venture through the castle. Guests encounter Von Schultz's ghost, a cursed egyptian coin holding an ancient evil spirit, rabid bats, and traps.

  • The Deserted Castle

The moment guests enter the Castle, they are bestowed upon the various rockwork created by Disney Imagineering. The rockwork creates an ominious atmosphere as bats fly above guests. Then, enter the castle...

  • A Bumpy, Fantasical, Haunted ride

In the queue line, guests enter the castle from underground, entering a giant cavern. Here, guests can see various dead skeletons lieing around, giving a glimpse of what to come. Special effects are laden everywhere, as in the cavern projection mapped bats appear from holes, seemingly trying to lunge at guests below. After the caverns, guests enter the castle hall, here, spooky torches and tapestories of Eliza's various conquests are seen. Gargoyles holding the torches have their own life, it's eyes(screen) looking at guests and rolling their eyes. What can you hear? You can sometimes hear the ghastly cries of Eliza, begging guests to leave. After the hall, they enter the dining hall, where their adventure begins. In the dining hall, all the dishes and food are scattered about, in the huge flight of stairs guests can sometimes see Eliza's spirit fly and dissapear.

Once guests board the magical bench, they enter the Castle Vault. A sinister looking coin is seen floating, and from their, the spirit of Ancient Egyptian god, Horus appears, telling guests that the castle is his. He shoots a lazer at the bench, from here on the bench has it's own mind. Eliza stops the 2nd shot from Horus's fingertips. The bench leaves and enters the observatory. Here, Eliza appears and tells guests to leave the castle immediately. Not so long, the bench enters the greenhouse. Horus shoots lasers at plants. They all come to life and attacks guests. After a speedy chase, they enter the garden. Here, a large tree swings it's vine at guests. Then, the bench enters the treasure vault. Here, all kinds of treasures attack. A Knight in armor lunges its sword, lots of skeletons emerges from a coffin, a sinister looking statue shoots fireballs and finally, a group of ancient warriors shoot arrows. The vehicle escapes down a flight of stairs. Horus turns into a giant statue, shooting lazers and fire at the bench. Eliza is hit by the fire, and tells guests to save her. As the finale emerges, the vehicle enters the vault once again, as Horus shows his victory, Eliza appears and throws the coin at him, sealing him for good. As Eliza thanks guests and curses them at the same time, the bench comes back to the loading station. At the exit, they can hear Horus mumbling within a coin, sealed in a heavily locked treasure chest.

The Enchanted Tiki Room

  • Sanctuary for singing birds!

Owned by SEA member, Cornelius Tweetius, Bird Charmer and Tiki collector. He invites guests inside his birdhouse where he trains his birds. With guests help, Tweetius tries to wake up the Tiki idols and statues. A revamp of an classic, the story is different, but the show itself is the same. The birdhouse resembles a Polynesian Pagoda, with Polynesian decals that depict ancient legends.

  • Cornelius Tweetius' Tiki Collections

Guests enter Tiki Gardens; home of many enchanted hawaiian artifacts collected by Cornelius. The Tiki Idols actually speak and perform magic tricks while guests are waiting for the show. 

  • The World's First Animatronic Musical Show

Walt Disney's famous animatronic show comes to life here at the Magic Kingdom. Jose, Fritz, Pierre and Michael, 4 musically-talented birds and a host of other birds, flowers and tiki idols present their musical presentation to please the Tiki gods.

The Haunted Mansion 

  • The Abandoned Mansion

Located on top of a hill, this white mansion is inhabited by ghosts. The classic mansion in Disneyland Resort comes to life at this Magic Kingdom. The queue area is basically a graveyard with humorous epitaths and other visual jokes. Occasionally, guests may see a spirit in one of the windows!

  • A Classic Adventure

Board an omnimover, dubbed as Doombuggies and explore the depths of the mansion. We first enter the foyer, in a small square room. We can see a portrait of the owner, Henry Goule. Henry Goules portrait changes gradually, a young man turns into an old wrinkly man and then to a skeleton. The Ghost Host, whom is the narrator introduces himself to the guests.  Guests enter the Stretching Room . The portraits around them stretch and we see a hanging man above ourselves. We then enter the Portrait Gallery, in which where we board our doombuggies. The experience later is on is identical to the one found at Magic Kingdom.

The Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare 

Avaliable during halloween and christmas, jack skellington adorns the Haunted Mansion with christmas treats in this amazing Nightmare Before Christmas overlay! Same version as Tokyo Disneyland!

Jungle Cruise 

  • Safari Explorer's Co.

The Safari Explorer's Co is a company founded during the early 19th century. This company mainly operated by trading artifacts and other objects with the locals of Africa. Since than, the company created a touring company. It's main tour is the "Jungle Cruise", an exciting, 2-week long boat trip through various rivers around the world. Guests first enter the company headquarters, which is an old, aged wooden building. Throughout the queue are visual gags that reference the dangerous conditions of the jungle, and how the crew members are subjected to such dangers. There are some hidden animatronics in the queue, such as Toucan on top of a wooden shelf, a snake inside a cage and a giant Tiger paw that sticks out from the floor. 

  • A Classic, Revisited

The ride is identical to that in Walt Disney World. With guests travelling around the various rivers while accompanied by a funny Skipper. The Cambodian Shrine scene, however, is revisited and using Tokyo Disneyland's effects, shows a mythical deity come to life as it celebrates the guests visiting the Shrine.

Swiss Family Treehouse

  • Based on the classic movie

The Swiss Family Treehouse is the home of the Robinson family, whom was the star of the movie, "Swiss Family Robinson". There are lots of rooms and treasures to explore in this large walkthrough.


Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost  - Located inside a house that is atop an island. The Pizza Outpost is overrun by tropical animals such as birds, rhinos, elephants and even tigers. These are animatronic figures that moves and interacts with the guests. The Pizza Outpost is a counter-service restaurant serving traditional pizza by the slice.

Explorer's Club  - A luxurious table service restaurant that is inside the S.E.A Headquarters, which has a striking resemblance to Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland. This two-floor (with a basement) mansion is home to many artifacts. The first floor is themed after the ocean, with many artifacts that were found undersea. Artifacts include statues, tiki idols, and other objects that occasionaly move. The food served in this restaurant focuses on ethnic and asian food. The second floor is themed after the jungle, with jungle like artifacts. The basement is a hidden floor that is only accesible to high-ranking SEA Members. It features even more artifacts, some from other Disney parks.

China Voyager - Inside a marooned boat named the S.S. Amity. Inside is a counter-service Chinese restaurant. 

Aloha Isle


SEA Explorer's Mercantile

Safari Explorer's Co. Imports

Castle Schukklestein Vault

Miscalleneous Experiences

Pirates' Cove

On the outskirts of Adventurer's Lagoon is a large "skull" rock.

Pirates of the Caribbean 

This ride is housed in a fortress, a deserted one of course. The experience is identical to the Disneyland Paris version.

The Story: Guests board a boat to sail through the seas when pirates ransacked the world! Enter Deadmans cave, and go back into time where pirates ruled the world!

Experience: Same stuff at disneyland.

Battle for Buccaneer Bay

Housed next to Pirates of the Caribbean. Guests board miniature pirate ships on a 3-D ride for treasure! Guests can control a cannon on each seat, and they can shoot other players in this multiplayer ride. Guests enter a small fortress accompanied by treasure and withered out skeletons. This is a pirates hideout, guests are told by announces that they are ready to fight for their team. This is an amazing 3-D ride similar to Toy Story Mania. During the voyage guests can also encounter secret caverns filled with weaponry they can use for their advantage. However, unlucky boats may encounter the Kraken, resulting in a massive damage on their boat.

The Black Pearl

Houses a restaurant, a stunt show and a meet and greet

Join Captain Jack Sparrow as he fights Barbossa and the KRaken atop the black pearl! Guests can also dine while watching the show. The Black Pearl is huge, and it will be a hit for children. The Black Pearl also houses the restaurant, "A Pirates Life for Me". An interactive restaurant with pirates galore!

Star Wars Galaxy - Endor

Death Star Trench Run  

  •  Rebel Base

Taking place during "Return of the Jedi", the Rebels are in turmoil. The second Death Star has been nearly complete, and is ready to obileterate the galaxy. The Rebels, lead by Princess Leia needs our help. Guests will board their own X-Wing on a battle to save the galaxy. Tucked inside the lush forests of Endor, the Rebel Base is a temporary base made from a deserted Empire facility. Inside the facility, guests see collections of X-Wings and other vehicles.

Speeder Bike Run  

 Star Tours: Ewok Encounter


A western town. Identical to that of Tokyo Disney.

The Country Bear Theater 

A wild bearin show. Shows change along with the seasons. From January to May is the Country Bear Jamboree, June to October is the Vacation Hoedown, November to December is the Jingle Bell Special.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 

The wildest ride in the wilderness! Identical to the WDW version. EQUIPPED WITH FASTPASS

Big Thunder Mountain: Ancient Terror

Every 100 years, the spirit of the native american tribe that used to live in Big Thunder awakes from it's home, unleashes it's wrath causing floods and supernatural events. Using Projection Mapping effects, guests are transported into Ancient Terror, a curse that strikes Big Thunder.

Queue: The queue is darker then the normal version, with frequent sounds of moaning and cries. BTM Co. issues a warning of a potential curse, a billboard warning is seen throughout the queue.

Ride: The train enters the dark cavern as usual, bats have red eyes and guests can hear growls. The lift hill has changed. The geyser has reflections of ghosts and spirits, which emerges from the rocks. The coaster sections are the same, but with added water and fire effects. In the 2nd lift hill, guests see slaughtered corpses of blacksmiths and miners. THey have arrows on their heads. A supernatural animal is seen, which barks at guests and spits water. In the final lift hill, the ghosts appear and cause explosions. After the final drop, the ghosts return to it's place.

Tom Sawyer's Island 

a playground in Rivers of america!

Mark Twain Riverboat

Stroll through the rivers of america, same as Disneyland.

Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland

A revamp of the Mine Train Thru Natures Wonderland, Big Thunder Mountain Co. presents a fun educational ride around the western fields. Scenerys include natural wonderlands, wild west, a deserted town and the infamous Rainbow Caverns.

Guests enter "Big Thunder Mountain Co. Scenic Travels" company. Filled with old time machinery and other props. This queue is indoors, and houses several animal animatronics. A vulture perches atop the supporting pillars, glancing at a sleeping stray cat on the sherriff's desk. These 2 animals occasionally look at each other, but the cat seemingly does not care and sleeps back.

The train ride starts as guests enter the town of Tumbleweed. The town is deserted because of a flood but some fearless people has stayed. This scene can also be seen from Big Thunder Mountain, and guests can occasioanlly see the incoming wildest ride in the wilderness. The train then goes to Bear Country. They see grizzlys chilling on trees and catching fish. The train then enters the Cactus Patch, here a wildcat is stuck on a cactus. Other animals are seen here as well. Next up is Geyser Fields. Here, various geysers are bursting. Then, guests see many beavers buidling a dam. A bunch of animals are then seen. The train enters Rainbow Caverns. The cavern is inhabited by various bats and other animals. The cavern is projection mapped by geysers and other beautiful images. As the train leaves Rainbow Caverns, guests are dropped off next to Big Thunder Mountain.

Area 5: Critter Country 

Splash Mountain

Nearly identical to Tokyo Disneyland version of the ride.

Queue: Enter the Briar Cave, home of many animals in Critter Country. The Briar Cave's entrance is similar to Uncle Remus' Cabin. Guests see working cogs and machinery inside. The silhouette of Uncle Remus is seen, reading his famous stories of Brer Rabbit. The Briar Cave is filled with small critters' houses. As guests descend down a spiral path, they encounter Brer Frog's house. The silhouettte of Brer Frog is seen, telling his children the story of Brer Rabbit(again). Before boarding, guests meet up with Brer Owl. He tells us the story of the Briar Patch and Chickapin Hill.

Ride: The log flume starts moving. Guests see Brer Frog in person. He tells guests to be careful. As the boat goes up a hill. It goes outside, in front of the big drop. Then, the boat enters a small house, going up again. Then, the boat goes outside again flowing through various residents of the Chickapin Hill. The boat then enters a dark cave, it drops. From here, guests see all the characters. The only difference here is that there is an extra scene before the drop. "Sooner or Later" scene features animals sadly lamenting Brer Rabbit's fate. This scene is completely original. After the drop, the boat enters the Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah room. Yes, the ride is identical.

Splash Mountain: Christmas Tales

Join Brer Rabbit on a holiday adventure!!

Remus' Christmas Cabin:  The first room of the queue features numerous Presents scattered about in Remus' cabin. Uncle Remus's silhouette explains Brer Rabbit's story as usual.

Brer Cave : The main queue room, Brer Cave features christmas ornaments and decorations. Brer Frog tells Christmas Stories to his grand-children. Other then that, the cave stays the same.

Ride: As the ride begins, Brer Frog tells guests to be careful of Brer Fox and Brer Bear. As the boat enters the show-building, Brer Rabbit is singing "Deck the Halls". He plans to leave his home once again to deliver presents to every one of his critter friends. However, Brer Fox and Bear are planning to stop him. The rest of the scenes are fairly similar. Each critter gets presents. In the bee-hive scene, the bees all sing "Everybody's got a laughing place/Jingle Bells". However, when Brer Rabbit gets captured, its the same as the normal version. After the drop, everyone unites and sing "Zip-A-dee-Doo-Dah" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

Beaver Brother's Explorer Canoes

Rackety's Rum Blast

In this freefall ride, guests first enter Rackety's Critter Elixir Company. They see various rums and elixir stored inside, through out the queue they can also see animals create the brew. However, once guests are seated on the "Acorn Trams", the trams ignore the "WARNING! 40 YEAR OLD RUM STORED" sign. As the rum is disturbed, it causes a huge explosion, causing the trams to shoot out of the company and back. This free fall ride is a part dark-ride and freefall ride.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt 

Journey into the 100 acre wood via a giant book! Board the hunny pot, a vehicle with no rails! The lps vehicles move freely in the scenes. An awesome adventure indeed.

Queue: The ride is inside a giant storybook. Guests first enter a small garden. The garden is reminiscent of gardens in 19th century London. Guests then enter Christopher Robin's house. They see various props from Winnie the Pooh such as the balloon, Eeyore's ribbon and the Kite. Then, they enter a storybook. Here, guests see various pages from Winnie the Pooh stories complete with illustration.

Ride: The hunny pot first enters a small room. Here, a projection shows Pooh getting a balloon from Christopher Robin. The book pens its page and they enter the 100 acre wood. Pooh is seen flying away because of the wind. The Hunny Pot roams freely so each riders gets different scenes. Gopher is seen popping out from his hole because of an uncontrolled explosion. Owl is seen babbling atop his treehouse. The treehouse is leaning, ready to collapse. Piglet is grabbing onto the Tree house. Rabbit is grabbing onto his farm sign, ready to be blown away. Kanga and Roo is seen as well. Pooh then appears and hits Eeyore's house made out of sticks, destroying it. Tigger pops out from a bush. Then, the pot enters a dark room. Here, the hunny pots bounce along with tigger. However, he gets stuck on a beehive.

Tigger tells guests that Heffalumps and Woozles will get honey. Pooh is sleeping in his house. Then, the pot enters his dream. This crazy room of Heffalumps and Woozles is the highlight of this ride. Pooh wakes up, stuck in a honey tree, The ride ends.

The 100 Acre Wood 

Venture into Pooh's House, Tigger's Bouncy Place, Owl's Treetop House, Rabbit's Farm and The Hunny Tree, a kids playground! Pooh's House acts as a big meet and greet place similar to Mickey's House.

Tigger's Treetop Bounce 

A little kids freefall ride.

Area 6: Fantasyland 

it's a small world 

the happiest cruise that ever sailed the world. Identical to WDW version with the exterior of Disneyland's version.

it's a small world: very merry holidays

Christmas version of it's a small world

Pinocchio's Daring Journey 

Follow Pinocchio's journey through Pleasure Island, Strombolis theater, and finally Monstro's belly. This ride has extra scenes, original to this version of the ride.

Queue: Guests enter Gepetto's workshop, they see various toys and clocks. Guests board his handcrafted carts.

Ride: The cart exits Gepetto's Workshop. Guests see the shadows of Pinocchio, Gideon and Foulfellow walking to Stromboli's Theater singing "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee". The cart enters Stromboli's theater. Pinocchio and other marionettes sing "I've got no strings". Then, Stromboli traps pinocchio into a cage. The cart escapes the cage. Crickett warns us, but the cart makes a sharp turn and enters Pleasure Island. Pleasure Island is similar to Disneyland's version but has extra Projection Mapped scenes, and new effects. After the other scenes, the cart goes face to face with monstro. Monstro eats us, The cart flows through Monstro's Belly. The guests can see Gepetto and Pinocchio try to escape. After Monstro shoots us out( In a Projection mapped 360 scene), the cart ends up at Gepetto's workshop. They celebrate. The ride ends.

The Mad Tea Party 

Spin spin spin and celebrate, Happy Unbirthday!

The ride is housed within a tent, in the middle is Dormouse popping out every now and then from his giant teapot.

Castle Carousel 

Your typical carousel

Rapunzel's Tangled Journey

Guests enter a cavern filled with stalaglites. As they near the boarding platform, they can see Mother Gothel's tower in the distance, on the walls they can see Rapunzel's drawings and an AA pascal resting atop stones. They board a wooden-crafted boat, as they sail away to see the lantern ceremony. As the boat begins it's voyage, they see an AA Flynn Rider explain the story of Rapunzel, and tells guests to beware of Gothel as well as the Stabbington Brothers. The boat changes track to a creepy forest where they see wolves and other forest creatures, a light is seen in the distance and the boat approaches a tower, they can hear Rapunzel sing "When Will My Life Begin". As the boat plunges a little, they see the Snuggly Duckling. The boat enters the bar and they see Rapunzel and Flynn sing "I Have A Dream". The boat enters a tunnel when Hook opens the secret door, here, we see the kingdom guards and Maximus chasing Rapunzel and Flynn. As the boat escapes to the opening, they see Flynn fighting. The boat enters a dark forest where they see Mother Gothel and the Brothers discussing about the murder of the couple. Next to it we see Rapunzel and Flynn camping. The boat then enters the kingdom, we see Rapunzel playing around with the town folks. As the boat enters a yet another gloomy forest, Mother Gothel explains to Rapunzel that the world is cruel. The boat miraculously enters the tower, we see Rapunzel realizing she was the lost princess, and Mother Gothel dies. The next room we see Rapunzel revive Flynn. In the grand finale(HUGE SHOW BUILDING) the boat gently sees the lantern ceremony, "I See the Light" is playing along with it. In the ending, we see the Stabbington Brothers in jail, the Snuggly Duckling folk redeemed and all attending the wedding ceremony of Flynn and Rapunzel. 

AREA 6.1 Alpine Village 

A little village adjacent to Fantasyland.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Speed through the mountain of Matterhorn! Beware of the Yeti.

Queue:  Guests visit the Matterhorn Visitors Center, where they are lectured of the history of the Matterhorn, and the history of the ride itself. Our host Jennifer Parker warns us of the Abominable Snowman, who is told to lurk in the mountains.

Ride:  The ride begins in a dark ascent hill. Guests see snow falling outside. Suddenly, a large red eye pops out of nowhere accompanied by a growl. Rest of the ride is the same at Disneyland.

AREA 6.2 Storybook Circus 

A Circus

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Soar atop the skies on the seventh wonder of the world! Dumbo!

Pete's Silly Sideshow 

Meet and Greet. Meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Identical to Disneyland

Storybookland Canal Boats

Identical to Disneyland.

Area 6.3 London

A small, straight path leads to the Banks house. This london neighbourhood houses some of Disney's finest dark rides, and a new, revolutionary ride.

Mr.Toad's Wild Ride

In London Street lies the Toad Hall. Here, guests board motor cars to nowhere in particular. This is an extended version of the original Disneyland version. Once the ride begins, they crash into the library where they see Badger on a ladder, after a long hall with Weasels rading the hall, the motor car enters the trophy room, animals on walls are moving and Mr.Rat guides the motor car to a fireplace, after that the motor car crashes through Mole dining and into London. The motor car crashes into a gypsy camp and then to a farm. After that, police cars chase you and you enter Winkie's bar. After the bar, they crash into a courthouse, a judge yelling that guests are guilty. After the judge, the motor car crashes into a jail and weasels lure you outside. A train appears out of nowehere and guests are sent to Hell. After meeting a demonic judge and a dragon, the ride ends.

Peter Pan's Flight

Queue: Guests enter the Darling's household. Here they board the flying ship. Once they see Wendy, John and Michael, Peter's shadow is seen. The rest of the scenes are the same as the Disneyland version. The Neverland scenes are that of Magic Kingdom's version. So there is a fly through over neverland, and a close more detailed Neverland scene seen in the Magic Kingdom.

Alice in Wonderland

Queue:  Same as the Disneyland version.

Ride: Same as the Disneyland Version.

Mary Poppins' Amazing Adventure

Queue: Guests enter the Bank's estate. Here, guests see various props from Mary Poppins. Guests then go up the stairs to the Nursery, where they board their merry-go-rounds.

Ride: As soon as the ride begins, the ride enters the Nursery, here Mary Poppins is seen arriving from the sky, with the kids looking curiously at the window. Poppins urges guests to go outside. They go out to the park, they see Bert and Poppins go inside the canvas. Inside the canvas is the famous "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" scene. This scene is very long, featuring the Penguin Restaurant and the Race scene. The ride then exits the canvas and into the house of Uncle. He is floating inside the house and the others are too. After the scene, the ride go up and up inside the Chimney. Here, they see Bert and the Chimney Sweepers perform A Step in Time. After that, they see Poppins and Bert perform "Chim Chim-eree".  The grand finale is "Lets go Fly A Kite". Another giant scene featuring a horde of AAs. The ride then enters the final room to see Poppins floating back into the sky, Bert and the kids wave at her.

Area 7: Toon Town 

Toon Town Trolley Mayhem 

A motion-simulator revamp of the scrapped Toon Town Trolley ride. Join Measley Mayhem as he drives through Toon Town, destroying everything!

Queue: Enter Toon Town Trolley Station. As soon as guests enter, they can see many Toons waiting for their Trolley. Guests enter the garage, where Dux the Trolley is seen being maintenanced by Repo Zippo, the car repair toon. As guests share conversations with each other, frequent video interruptions are made; showcasing Toon Town's various landmarks.

In the garage, guests see all sorts of wacky equipments; most of them alive. In the 2nd room of the garage, guests see various cars: all of them are alive. In the boarding station, guests see the safety video.

Ride: As soon as the ride begins, Dux introduces himself. However, the driver; Measley Mayhem has an ongoing reputation of maniacal driving. Dux suddenly accelarates and smashes through the gates, finding it's way in Toon Town. After a couple nearmisses and many cameos from Disney characters, they enter the Fireworks Factory. Here, Measley triggers an explosion. The fireworks factroy explodes. With specail effects inside the trolley, smoke emits and mist effects appear inside. Dux spins out of control and finds its way on the Toon Town Interstate. Here, they crash into Roger Rabbit and Benny the Cab, roger flies above and crashes on top of the trolley. Guests see Roger actually crash into the ceiling, leaving a dent on the trolley. Measley and Dux crash into the guard-rails, which turns into a roller coaster like rail. It descents down and down inside a deep, dark tunnel. Choot the Train (original toon) comes from the dark, he yells at us. Measley and Dux use their wheels to go up and crash up the tunnel. Dux and Measley speed into Toon Alley, the dark, evil part of Toon Town. They crash into the DIP Factory. Weasels spot us and attack with its DIP tank. Smart Ass nearly rams us with the tank. With nowhere to go, Measley and Dux panic. Measley find the emergency button, and Dux flies up into tthe sky. With a final soar through over Toon Town, they land safely inside the Trolley Station. They thank us, but Dux is very angry at Measley's poor driving skills.

Gadget's Go Coaster 

Test Gadget's newest invention in her garden!

Mickey's House and Meet Mickey 

A tour of Mickey's house and a meet and greet.

Minnie's House 

Tour minnie's house

Donald's Boat 

Tour the Ms.Daisy boat AKA Donald's house!

Chip and Dale's Treehouse 

Visit Chip n Dale's house and a cool slide for kids!

Goofy's Paint and Playhouse 

Paint goofy's room with the ToonTone Splat Master paint machine!

Area 8: Star Wars Galaxy- Hoth

Battle of Hoth  

Star Tours: Hoth Trek

Area 9: Tomorrowland 

Space Mountain 

Soar through the Galaxy via Spaceport 1. Identical to Walt Disney World with the vehicles of Disneyland and on-board music.

Journey into Imagination 

Join Figment and Dreamfinder in a adventure that will tickle your imagination! A new take on the classic ride, guests board LPS no track vehicles. Help Figment find the "Essence of Imagination" in his own imagination, with the help of Dreamfinder.

The Golden Space Age

A huge dark ride, adventure through Space, Various Planets and a space mineral field to find the "Golden Mineral", during your voyage you may see wacky aliens, astronauts or monsters!

Astro Orbiter

Soar atop Tomorrowland!

The Amazing Atom-A-Tron

A Audio Animatronic, 3-D show/ride. Professor Atom tests guests his new invention which turns the theater into complete madness! Featuring a turn-table like theater, every scene has its own trouble!

Transportation Pavilion

An exhibit featuring many transportation, guests can take a ride virtually on cars, jeeps, trucks, airplanes, buses, bullet trains or even futuristic vehicles!

  • Chikatetsu: Beauty of Japan- Board a japanese bullet train to see various sights of Japan!
  • Motor Bike Stunt Spin- Feel what it is like to experience a stunt on a motor bike! Board bikes suspended on Half Pipes, your bike will spin and twirl as it goes up and down the half pipe!
  • Junior Flight: Presented by American Airlines- Fly an airplane of your own! Use your lever to simulate landing/taking off an airplane!
  • Test Track: Presented by Chevrolet- Make your own SimCar and take a ride through the Test field! FASTPASS IS AVALIABLE
  • Soarin Over the Horizon : Soar over the world in this 3-D Motion Spectacular!

Area 10: CyberSpace 

Based on Disney's digital related movies, CyberSpace is a small area located next to Tomorrowland and to the right corner of Cinderella Castle.

CyberSpace Mountain

Race through the grid in this amazing, thrilling indoors dark coaster! Guests board their own lightcycle and compete in a survival may encounter the MCP or hostile CPUs.

Wreck It Ralph: Arcade Rescue

Enter Game Central, board a small rocket and help Vanellope when she gets kidnapped by Turbo! A 3-D Motion Simulator ride, works like Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.

Ride Type


The Disneyland Railroad

  • Train heads to Adventureland

Spiel: You have just entered Adventureland! Here, you can visit the jungle aboard the Jungle Cruise, explore an abandoned castle, or even visit a ghostly mansion! It's all here!

Spiel: We are entering the mysterious jungles, just keep an eye out for wildlife here folks!

Cornelius Tweetius: Oh hello there ladies and gentlemen! I am Cornelius Tweetius! If you visit adventureland, be sure to visit the Enchanted Tiki Room! My birds and I shall wait for you at the pagoda!

  • Train goes inside Pirates of the Carribean show building

Spiel: Looks like we entered Pirates of the Caribbean! Sail with Captain Jack Sparrow in a time when Pirates ransack an entire town!

Skull: Arrrr mateys, are ye brave enough to visit caverns  where dead men tell no tales?? Arrr, take the cruise of your life to see your endaring spirit of adventure mateys!

Spiel: We've arrived in Adventureland, for those visiting Pirates Lagoon, please get off at this station! Our next stop is Critter Country!

Spiel: Welcome Aboard! For your safety, remain seated keeping your hands arms feet and legs inside the train! Our next stop is Critter Country!

  • Train approaches Frontierland

Spiel: Frontierland! Experience the wild life when the frontier spirit ruled the land! Can you see that mountain? That is Big Thunder Mountain, the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Western Guy: Howdy Folks! If you are brave enough to speed through the western wilderness, come to Big Thunder Mountain! The luckiest mountain in the west!

  • Train approaches Big Thunder Mountain
  • Train approaches Splash Mountain

Spiel: Welcome to Splash Mountain! Join Brer Rabbit on his journey to find the laughing place!

  • Train stops in Critter Country station

Spiel: We've arrived in Critter Country, for those visiting Fantasyland, 100 Acre Wood and Frontierland, please get off at this station.

Spiel: Safety announcement

  • Train approaches Fantasyland

Spiel: Have you ever dreamt of fantasy? Then visit fantasyland! Fly over neverland, visit the world! visit cinderellas castle!

  • Train arrives at Toon Town

Spiel: We've arrived at Toon Town! For those visiting Fantasyland and Toon Town Trolley Mayhem, please get off at this station!

Spiel: Welcome aboard the Disneyland Railroad! Our next stop is Tomorrowland! For your safety, remain seated keeping your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the train!

Spiel: Now, Walt Disney Imagineering proudly presents, the Grand Canyon Diorama!

  • Enter Grand Canyon

Spiel: We've arrived in Tomorrowland!

  • Train arrives at Main Street

Spiel: Welcome to Main Street USA!

The Legend of Castle Tops

  • Queue 1: Castle Tops
  • Queue 2: Bat Caverns
  • Queue 2: Castle Hallway(Faint voices of Elisa Von Schulz can be heard)

Elisa: what are you doing here?  You do not belong here.... (In a faint voice)

  • Queue 3: Deserted Dining Hall (This dining hall includes a Peppers Ghost illusion effect, showing Elisa faintly meandering through the tables, the dishes and food is all rotten, and messed up)
  • Queue 4: Boarding, Staircase

Mysterious Voice: For your safety, once on board the enchanted bench, please remain seated keeping your hands, arms, feet and legs inside. And please do supervise young children.

  • Scene 1: Entering the Vault
  • Scene 2: Treasure Vault

Coin of Horus shoots out Horus spirit

Horus: Who dares awaken the sleep of Horus? Your destiny shall lie within my curse. Arise my minions!

Eliza: Horus.... bench! Take them to safety!

  • Scene 3: Observatory

Eliza: Fools! Your demise will be the same as mine! We have to seal him back!

  • Scene 4: Greenhouse

Horus: Plants arise! Show worshipness to me!

  • Scene 5: Garden
  • Scene 6: Treasure Vault *Knights*

Zombie Knights: Horus.......

Zombie Knights:  Terminate intruders....

  • Scene 7: Treasure Vault *Skeletons*
  • Scene 8 : Fire statue

Horus: Hahahahahahaha........

  • Scene 9 : Angered Horus

Horus: It's time you worship me you infidels! Prepare to die!!

Eliza: Not So Fast Horus!

  • Scene 10: Finale

Malfunction Dialogue:

Elisa: Your vehicle has been "trapped" by Horus. Remain seated, as us castle servents will be with you soon...

Elisa: Your vehicle has been "cleansed" by the curse of Horus. Remain seated, as your bench will move soon.

Jungle Cruise

  • Queue 1: Safari Traders Co. Boathouse (Includes Tucan animatronic, this queue is the same as the Disneyland version)
  • Script differs each time
  • Scene 1: Butterflys (Boat enters misty jungle, filled with plant and trees; here guests can see beautiful but oversized Butterflys nesting atop the trees and resting on the waters)
  • Scene 2: Misty Jungles (Another scene of a misty jungle, here guests can see giant Elephants)
  • Scene 3: Toucan trapped (A toucan is resting on a log, under the Toucan is a crocodile trying to eat him. The Toucan is laughing at the crocodile for his failure)
  • Scene 4: Elephant Bath Pool (Many elephants are playing wildly with the waters here. A giant elephant is shooting water at us from under the waters. Here there are over 10 elephant animatronics)
  • Scene 5: The Wild Life (A tiny mountain showing the wild life of Africa. Here, a horde of Lions are eating a Zebra. Near the Lions are a pair of eagles looking down. We can also see Zebras and Giraffes)
  • Scene 6: Smiley Brothers (A Crocodile twin is smiling at guests, but they are really begging for lunch)
  • Scene 7: Chimpanzee Camp (A group of Chimps attack a human camp, they mischieviously use the human equipments such as guns. One of the chimps shoots a TNT barrell and it explodes)
  • Scene 8: Hippo Pool (Angry hippos wiggle their ears and lunges at the boat. Thankfully, the skipper uses his/her gun to evade this situation)
  • Scene 9: Schwitzer Falls (The famous waterfall)
  • Scene 10: base trapped on pillar (A group of archeologists are trapped on a pillar while rhinos, hienas and monkeys tease them)
  • Scene 11: Backside of Water (The backside of Schwitzer Falls)
  • Scene 12: Crashed Airplane (A recently crashed airplane shows skeletons inside, but their heads are missing. The plane is smoking and sometimes emits sparks)
  • Scene 13: Native Tribe (Before entering, a canoe with a bunch of skulls can be seen; these skulls are the passengers of the Crashed Airplane. The native tribes are doing some kind of ritual. But soon the boat is spotted and they attack from the bushes)
  • Scene 14: Cambodian Shrine (The shrine features snakes and chimpanzees. A monkey deity guards the temple. Next, the boat passes through broken statues which is the effect of a storm strucking the temple)
  • Scene 15: Snake stuck on tree (A snake is tangled on a tree trying to eat guests.)
  • Scene 16: Trader Sams (A foreign Trader is offering guests Shrunken Heads)

Enchanted Tiki Room

  • Queue 1: Tiki Garden

Maui: "My name is Maui. Natives call me the mighty one. I tamed the playful sun and gave my people time. Now they set their clocks by mine, for I am Tropic Standard Time"

Koro: "Aloha, . I am Koro, Midnight Dancer. Today my magic feet no move, my head sore, but last night, all tiki gods have big time, [zow?] luau. When drums begin to pound, my head full, biiig sound."

Tangaroa-Ru: "They call me Tangaroa-Ru, the East Wind." Hina Kuluua: "And I am Hina, Goddess of Rain" Tangaroa-Ru: "We often travel together, wind and rain, through tropic lands across the seven seas!" Hina Kuluua: "Come closer, so that you may see what magic there is in fantasy."

Pele: "I am Pele, Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes. Some say I torment poor Ngendei, the Earth Balancer, for when my violent temper rises, the Earth trembles on its foundation!" Ngendei: "Legends say I'm balancing the Earth, but sad to say I'm just hanging on." Pele: "I'm the one who's really sad, when I smile it comes out mad!"

Rongo: " Me Rongo, God of Agriculture. My land so good to me, I got time for sport. I fly kite. Me number one kite flyer. Too bad I no have key, then me, I find electricity."

Tangaroa: "I am Tangaroa, Father of all Gods and Godesses. Here in this land of enchantment, I appear before you as a mighty tree. Stand Back! Oh, mystic powers, hear my call, from my limbs let new life fall."

  • Show(Script copied from

Cornelius Tweetius: Oh welcome, welcome! Welcome to the Enchanted Tiki Room! Now, let us present our birds, Jose!

Jose (originally red, white, and green - voiced by Wally Boag): Awwwahhh... My siestas are getting 'chorter and 'chorter. Oh look at all the people! Welcome to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

Cornelius: Michael! Wake Up!

Michael (originally white and green - voiced by Fulton Burley): So it is, and what darlin' people I have sittin' under me. Pierre you rascal you, let's put on the show.

Pierre (originally red, white, and blue - voiced by Ernie Newton): Mon ami, I am always ready, as you say, to put on ze show. (wolf whistle) Oh, pardon madam, that whistle was for my good friend, Fritz.

Fritz (originally red, black, and white - voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft): Ach du liebe! I almost fell out of my rubber (number?) perch. Glad to see you all aboard, er, ashow, or hehehe, wherever you are! Mien goodness, you're all schtaring at us - we better start the show rrrolling.

Cornelius: Thank you my friends! Now, let us welcome you, to the magnificent world of the birds!

Michael: Wait, wait, we forgot to wake up the glee club (shrill whistle).

(birds start chirping and the room fills with the sound of singing birds)

Jose: Ole, ole it's 'cho time.

All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, Jose: All the birds sing words, Michael: And the flowers croon, All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room.

Michael: Welcome to our tropical hideaway, you lucky people you, If we weren't in the show starting right away, we'd be in the audience too.

All: Altogether! In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, Jose: All the birds sing words, Michael: And the flowers croon, All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room.

Fritz: I sing so beautiful, I should sing solo. Jose: Si, so low we can't HEAR you.

Pierre: My voice may not be so marvelous, but my profile is out of this world. Michael: Jawohl, but the trouble is - it's not FAR enough out of this world. Isn't that right Herr Schmidt? Whoo hoo! I see Schmidt has no hair! ('Schmidt' is Wally Boag?)

Jose: Mi amigos stop the creeking, you sound like a bunch of old hens. There's a lot of birds waiting to go on. For instance:

Michael: The boys in the back are called macaws. Jose: Because of their claws? Michael: No because they're macaws! And our fine feathered friend is a jolly toucan, and two can sound better than one toucan can.

(toucan hooting)

Michael: The bird of paradise is an elegant bird, It likes to be seen, and it loves to be heard. Most little birdies will fly away, But the Tiki Room birds are here everyday.

All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, Jose: All the birds sing words, Michael: And the flowers croon, All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room.

Michael: Our show is delightful, we hope you'll agree, We hope that is fills you with pleasure and glee, Because if we don't make you feel like that, We're gonna wind up on a lady's hat!

All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, Jose: All the birds sing words, Michael: And the flowers croon, All: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room.

Pierre: Our magnificent production is yet to come, So strum the guitar, and beat the drum. We've been a hit, and we know you adore us, So come on and join us in another chorus!

Everyone: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room,

Michael: A little softer...

Everyone: All the birds sing words and the flowers croon, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room.

Michael: A little louder...

Everyone: In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room, All the birds sing words and the flowers croon, In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room!

(horns ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta)

Offenbach interlude cut from show here..

Jose: Ah Ha! Applause! Applause! Si, that was crazy.

Pierre: Mes ami, such wonderful singing calls for applause.

Jose: Si amigos, Applause.

(gentle music starts)

Fritz: Ja ja, ja ja...

Pierre: Écoutez, écoutez, listen, listen...

Jose: I think maybe it's music...

Fritz: Ja, it's Offenbach!

Michael: You stay offa my back, and I'll stay offa your back.

Jose: Shhh... Be quiet and listen...

(Offenbach's "Barcarole" whistled by birds - horns finish tune) here (almost exactly 3 minutes removed)

Jose: Let's give the little birdies a great big hand.

Pierre: Qui! Applaud, applaud!

Fritz: Ja! You down there - mit both hands.

Jose: And now señor and señoritas, Please place yours eyes into the center, of the room that is, We present the enchanted fountain...

Fritz: Ack, ja, and the wunderba bird mobile. It has birds on it, and it goes rrround and rrround. That's why we call it a bird mobile!

Michael: Look! Here come the girls!

Pierre: Madame and Monsieur, introducing the lovely ladies of ensemble, Just like the Folies Bergere, with only feathers. There's Colette, 'ello Colette, Suzette, hello Mimi, Gigi, Fifi, ah, hehehe, Josephine...

Jose: I wonder what happened to Rosita?

(birds begin to whistle)

Jose: And now, our national anthem.

Girls: Let's all sing like the birdies sing, Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet, Let's all sing like the birdies sing, Sweet, sweet swee-ee-eet, sweet, Let's all warble like nightingales, Give your throat a treat, Take your time from the birds, Now you all know the words, Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet.

Jose: Let's all sing like the birdies sing. Bubbaboo, ba bubbaboo, baboo...

Michael: Let's all sing like the birdies sing, Tweet tweet tweet, my that bird sings sweetly.

Pierre: Let's all warble like nightingales, Ah, qui qui, est magnifique, Take your time from ze birds, Now you all know ze words, sing along with us...

Jose: Now we want you people down there, To sing along with us birds up here... Altogether now, let's all sing like the birdies sing.

Everyone: Let's all sing like the birdies sing...

Jose: Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. Everyone: Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet...

Jose: Let's all sing like the birdies sing. Everyone: Let's all sing like the birdies sing...

Jose: Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet. Everyone: Sweet, sweet sweet, sweet sweet...

Jose: Let's all warble like nightingales. Everyone: Let's all warble like nightingales...

Jose: Give your throat a treat. Everyone: Give your throat a treat...

Jose: Take your time from the birds. Everyone: Take your time from the birds, Now you all know the words, Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet.

Jose: Everybody whistle!

(everyone whistles and it gets faster, then a big orchestra finish)

Jose: Ah ha! Applause, applause, that was good.

Fritz: Wunderba, wunderba, give yourselves a hand.

Jose: A little applause for the girls, too...

Pierre: Ah, that was magnifique!

Jose: Si, no one laid an egg but me.

Michael: And now ladies and gentlemen, we have somethin' really big for you.

Fritz: Ja, the birds stand still, und the Tiki Room flies away!

Pierre: Mon ami, quit talking while I'm interrupting. Ladies and gentlemen, now we present direct from the islands, a musical luau!

(a=ah, e=eh, i=ee, o=oh, u=oo)

Flowers: Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la (Ta-hu-wa-i-la a-ta-hu-wa-i-wa-i-la) Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la (E-hu-he-ne-la a-pili-ko-o-lu-a-la) (Such joy, the two of us together) Pututui lu a ite toe la (Pu-tu-tu-i-lu a-i-te-to-e-la) (Breathing deep of the palai fern) Hanu lipo ita paalai (Ha-nu-lipo-i-ta-pa-a-la-i)

Soloist: ...

Flowers: Au we ta huala (Aaa-u-we taaa hu-a-la) (Oh, such spray) Au we ta huala

Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai (eo-eo-eo)

Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai (eo-eo-eo)

Au we ta, huala huala, Au we ta, huala huala, huala huala, huu-aaa-laa...

(drums, chanting, soloist)

Totem Poles: (something like) Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai Hupto da ha ta he um Oh ah hahey ah ah, Oh ha hahey ah ah

Entire Tiki Room: (something like) Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ta hua oh oh oh Ta hua Awahahawy Awahahahay hua awayah away hua huuua huuua awayaa. Ohh huhu ohh huhu aahhhhhhaaa Ohh huhu ohh huhu aahhhhhhaaa Awway hua Awway hua ohoohuhuhu ohuhuhuhu ohhhhuhuhu (water in fountain rises) ohhhhuhuhu ohhhhhuhuhuuuuuuu Awwayyyyyy

(thunder and lightning - birds squaking and carrying on)

Pierre: Ack! Somebody has stolen my tunder.

Jose: I think someone has left the 'chower running.

Fritz: Be careful me fine friends, The gods have been angered by all the celebratin'. But me buckos, every cloud has a silver linin'.

Pierre: Monsieur and Madamme, it's time to say adieu, But we hope you will always remember the amazing things which happened here, In Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room!

Birds: The birdies had their fling (birds chirp and sing)

You heard the flowers sing.

Flowers: Tahu tahu uhu wai la...

Birds: Tikis play the drums (tiki drums play) Hear them do the chant (totem poles chant)

Farewell, and Aloha to youuu...

Cornelius: Now that concludes our show! Come back anytime to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room!

Jose: Ole', ole', applause, let's give the birds a standing ovation, Applause, up, up, down there, applause, everybody stand up on your feet, ole'!

Michael: And now, as long as you're all standin'.

Jose: We have a wonderful magic trick for you.

Fritz: Ja, a wunderba trick. Everybody... Face the door... Und the trick is, we gonna make you all... disappear!

Entire Tiki Room: Heigh Ho, heigh ho, it's out the door you go, We hope you've all enjoyed the show heigh ho, heigh ho, Heigh ho heigh ho, heigh ho, keep marching in a row, Don't stop to look or read a book heigh ho, heigh ho, Heigh ho heigh ho, heigh ho, just lift your feet and go, You sing this song, you march along, heigh ho, heigh ho, Heigh ho heigh ho, heigh ho, step lively not so slow, Come back again we'll see you then, heigh ho, heigh ho, Heigh ho heigh ho, heigh ho, make room for our next show, There's boats outside go take a ride heigh ho, heigh ho, Heigh ho heigh ho, heigh ho, it's out the door you go, We hope you've all enjoyed the show, heigh ho, heigh ho!

The Haunted Mansion

The Foyer

Ghost Host: When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still. That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight!

Portrait Gallery:

Ghost Host :Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! I am your host, your ghost host. Kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now.

Our tour begins here in this gallery where you see paintings of some of our guests as they appeared in their corruptible, mortal state.

Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hmm? And consider this dismaying observation: This chamber has no windows and no doors, which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out!

Of course, there's always my way.

Portrait Hall:

Ghost Host :Oh, I didn't mean to frighten you prematurely; the real chills come later. Now, as they say, look alive, and we'll continue our little tour. And let's all stay together, please.  The carriage that will carry you into the moldering sanctum of the spirit world will accommodate you and one or two loved ones. Kindly watch your step as you board, please. We spirits haunt our best in gloomy darkness, so remember, no flash pictures, please.

And now, a carriage approaches to carry you into the boundless realm of the supernatural. Take your loved ones by the hand, please, and kindly watch your step. Oh yes, and no flash pictures, please! We spirits are frightfully sensitive to bright lights.

Do not pull down on the safety bar, please; I will lower it for you. And heed this warning: the spirits will materialize only if you remain quietly seated at all times.

Scene 4: Underneath the Staircase

Ghost Host: There are several prominent ghosts who have retired here from creepy old crypts from all over the world. Actually, we have 999 happy haunts here, but there's room for a thousand. Any volunteers? If you insist on lagging behind, you may not need to volunteer.

Scene 5: Portrait Hall 2

Ghost Host: These are some of the frightfully unique guests who have accomodated themselves in this mansion, a man-slayer, a witch, an arsonist, every evil ghostly beings have found themselves a home here...they may want you too.

Scene 6: Library

Ghost Host: This library holds some of the worlds best ghost writers....a kind ghost is offering us a book, but once you read it you may never stop....

Scene 7: Eschers Staircase

Scene 8: Endless Hallway

We find it delightfully unlivable here in this ghostly retreat. Every room has wall-to-wall creeps, and hot and cold running chills. Shhh, listen!

Scene 9: Trapped man in a coffin

All our ghosts have been dying to meet you! This one can hardly contain himself!

Scene 10: Hallway

Unfortunately, they all seem to have trouble getting through. Perhaps Madame Leota can establish contact. She has a remarkable head for materializing the disembodied.

Scene 11: Madame Leota

Horntoads and lizards, fiddle and strum. Please answer the role by beating a drum!

Ghost fiends and furies, old friends and new! Blow in a horn, so we'll know whether it's you!

Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at.

Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond.

Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween. Awaken the spirits with your tambourine.

Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond; let there be music, from regions beyond!

Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell!

Grand Ballroom:

The happy haunts have received your sympathetic vibrations and are beginning to materialize. They're assembling for a swinging wake, and they'll be expecting me. I'll see you all a little later.


Constance: "Till us part" "Here comes the bride" "As long as we both shall live" "For better or for...worse" "I do. I did" "In sickness and in...wealth" "You may now kiss the bride" "We'll live happily ever...after"

Hatbox Ghost: Hahahahahaha(he laughs in a creepy way constantly)

Grim Grinning Ghosts:

When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake, Spooks come out for a swinging wake! Happy haunts materialize, and begin to vocalize. Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize!

Now don't close your eyes and don't try to hide, For a silly spook may sit by your side. Shrouded in a daft disguise, they pretend to terrorize. Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize!

As the moon climbs high o'er the dead oak tree, Spooks arrive for the midnight spree. Creepy creeps with eerie eyes start to shriek and harmonize. Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize!

When you hear the knell of a requiem bell, weird glows gleam where spirits dwell. Restless bones etherealize, rise as spooks of every size!

Ghost Host:

Ah, there you are, and just in time! There's a little matter I forgot to mention. Beware of hitchhiking ghosts! They have selected you to fill our quota, and they'll haunt you until you return! Now I will raise the safety bar, and a ghost will follow you home!

If would like to join our jamboree there's a simple rule that's compulsory. Mortals pay a token fee. Rest in peace, the haunting's free; so hurry back, we would like your company!

Little Leota:

Hurry back! Hurry back! Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now! We've been dying to have you! The Haunted Mansion Holiday


Narrator:  'Twas a long time ago
Longer now than it seems In a place that perhaps That you've seen in your dreams.
For the story that you are about to be told
Began with the holiday worlds of old.
I know you're curious
To see what's inside.
It's what happens
When two holidays collide.

Stretch Room Ghost Host : Welcome, my friends, to our Christmas Delight.
Come witness a ghoulishly glorious sight. It's time for our holiday tale to begin
There's no turning back now
Please, come all the way in. Our holiday tale, is a tale that's quite charming
But during this season, it's sometimes alarming.
So relax and reflect, feel free to take pause
While we tell you the tale about dear Sandy Claws 'Twas the nightmare before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was peaceful, not even a mouse.
The stockings, all hung by the chimney with care,
When opened that morning would cause such a scare!
The children nestled all snug in their beds,
Would have nightmares of monsters and skeleton heads. Jack: Happy holidays everyone! Narrator: Now hurry along
As they say, "Look alive."
This is one holiday you will want to survive. Jack Skellington came here from Halloween Town,
You'll notice his handiwork scattered around.
This year he's decided to play "Sandy Claws,"
But when Halloween creates Christmas you might see some flaws.
And now a dark carriage will take you away,
Sit back, rest in peace in you black Christmas sleigh.
Your sleigh will accommodate one or two or more
We're hope you're prepared for what Jack has in store.

Loading Area Don't pull on the bar; it will float down with ease
And remember, no flash photography please.

  • scene 4: Jack and Sally

Jack: Ho Ho Ho! Welcome, to my newly christmased mansion! Isn't this great Sally? Hahaha!

Sally: It sure is Jack, have a scary good time everyone!

Zero: (Barks)

Jack: You sure will be suprised if you see the ballroom! Ho-ho-ho! Were you being a good kid? or a bad kid? Ho-ho-ho! Care for some pumpkin cake? I love this Christmas thing, see Zero? Look at all the happy haunts and those happy people! I knew it was a good idea!

Sally: I cant wait to eat the giant cake at the ballroom!

Ghost Host : Yes, down through the chimney Jack flew like a bat,
Clutching his magical "Sandy Claws" sack.
He ripped open the sack and, in moments it seems,
Created a Christmas you have in bad dreams.

  • Scene 5: Portrait Hall 2

Ghost Host: Jack Skellington came from Halloween Town, where fear comes with a Frown. He brought portraits of the citizens, look at all the citizens desiging christmas with such talent...

  • Scene 6: Library

Ghost Host: That is Jack Skellingtons pet dog Zero. He is re-desiging the library with christmas stockings and candles.

  • Scene 7: Eschers Stair Case(Oogie Boogies Present Hall)

Ghost Host: These miserable bugs are the presents for Oogie Boogie.

  • Scene 8: Endless Hallway

More rapid than vultures, the Mansion was changed,
All was soon covered, adorned and deranged.
And what to your wondering eyes disappears,
It's Jack's little friend Zero - the Ghost Dog Reindeer! 

Conservatory and Knocking Doors Nothing here was forgotten, it all looks so pleasant,
A coffin, Jack says, makes a fine Christmas present.
A man-eating plant makes a wonderful wreath
As long as you don't get caught in its teeth. Jack's holiday vision was unlike no other,
So ring our the bells, there's more cheer to uncover!

Leota's Seance Circle On the Thirteenth day of Christmas, My Ghoul love gave to me:
13 Rings of Power, Embracing Strenght that never ends. 12 Signs of the Zodiac, that Rule the Future and Trancend. 11 Candles Floating, their Scent of Mystery in the Air. 10 Telling Tea Leaves, that Swirled with Secrets yet to Share. On the Ninth day of Christmas, My Ghoul love gave to me:
9 Magic Crystals, that Sparkled with a force that is Pure. 8 Balls of Knowledge, that answer with a truth that is Sure. 7 Pearls of Wisdom, to keep my Love Bewitched to me. 6 Mystic Mirrors, Reflecting futures yet to be. On the Fifth day of Christmas, My Ghoul love gave to me:
5 Lucky Charms, to Understand the Right from Wrong. 4 Wheels of Fortune, To Spin their Rich and Golden Song. 3 Life Lines, Extending help to those in need. 2 Passion Potions, That Love and Romance may Succeed. On the First day of Christmas, My Ghoul love gave to me:
A Star! a Brilliant Star for MY Fortune Card Tree!!! Ballroom With some treats and some games, you can make a scene merry,
Why, even a gingerbread house could be scary.
All at once, happy haunts did materialize,
Like a nightmarish painting by Currier & Ives. Attic A bag full of toys Jack had slung on his back,
They were strange and bizarre - and on the attack! Graveyard "Sandy Claws" worked his magic, both outside and in,
But one final touch made his bony face grin.
"Now what better gift on my friends to bestow,
Than a graveyard that's covered in ghostly white snow!" Jack animatronic: Happy Holidays Everyone! It's Christmas! Have you been good this year? Ho Ho Ho What's this? Can you believe your eyes? I like this Christmas Thing! Look Zero! I think they like our Christmas! Fruitcake anyone? Ho Ho Ho I really outdid myself this time! Look at all the Happy faces! Seasons Greetings Everyone! Ho Ho Ho he he he! Its Christmas Time!!! Welcome to my Christmas Delight! Have you been naughty or nice? I have a special present just for you!

Graveyard Song Fa La La La La Fa La La La La La What's this? What's this? What's this? What's this?
Jolly dear old Sandy Claws, While the graveyard sleeps,
Down the chimney dark and damp,
With your sack of creeps,
Happy haunts materialize,
For a swinging wake,
Glowing pumpkins harmonize,
Joyful screams we'll make! Fa La La La La Fa La La La La La What's this? What's this? What's this? What's this?
Garlands made of iron chains,
Candles glowing bright,
Spiders make cool ornaments,
For our tree of light!
Creepy Crypts look awful nice,
Tied up in a bow,
Now our graveyard's pure and white,
In the ghostly snow! Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize! We wish you a scary Christmas
And a Haunted New Year! Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize!

Hitchhikers As Jack sprang in his sleigh, three hitchhikers he spied,
They said, "Sandy Claws, may we please have a ride?"
But Jack waved good-bye, for he just could not stay,
He had much to deliver before Christmas Day!

Mirrors May Jack's "ghostly presents" now follow you home,
And stay in your hearts - where'er you may roam.
For now you know what happens when holidays meet,
You might get a trick, or a holiday treat!

Sally as Little Leota Music: We wish you a scary Christmas
And a Haunted New Year! Jack: Merry Christmas one and all! Sally: Thank you Sandy Claws for bringing your cheer,
Please hurry back, we can't wait til next year.
And I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight... Jack: The world won't forget my Christmas Night! Sally: Hurry Back, Hurry Back...
Be sure to bring your Sandy Claws sack,
I'll be waiting to open my Christmas presents.
Hurry Back... Hurry Back...

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Queue 1: Fortress- A wrecked fortress caused by an aftermath of a pirate attack, the fortress is deserted. Above the guests are chess playing skulls.
  • Queue 2: Laffite's Landing

Spiel: Ahoy Mateys! Once on board your boat, remain seated keeping your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the boat! And do supervise young children! Prepare to make sail!

  • Scene 1: Bayou
  • Scene 2: TAlking Skull
  • Scene 3: Deadman's Cave
  • Scene 4: Sleeping Skull
  • Scene 5: Deadmans Chest
  • Scene 6: Treasure Pile
  • Scene 7: Davy Jones
  • Scene 8: Attack of Barbossa
  • Scene 9: Town
  • Scene 10: Auction
  • Scene 11: Burning Town
  • Scene 12: Jail
  • Scene 13: Pirates Dueling
  • Scene 14: Jack Sparrow

Country Bear Jamboree

  • Will not add script
  • Queue 1: Grizzly Hall Waiting Room(Portraits of the Country Bears and etc...)
  • Show
  • Exit

CyberSpace Mountain

  • Queue 1: Flynn's Arcade
  • Queue 2: TRON Machine
  • Pre-Show : Entering TRON

Female Attendant:  Welcome, to Flynn's Arcade. Pioneer of Arcade Games s...(static)...ce the ...(static)

CPU: Attention Users, you have broken into the realms of the grid, you will now engage in a light-cycle race for your life.

  • Queue 3: Light-Cycle Boarding

CPU: Attention Users, for your safety remain seated in your light-cycles at all times; keeping your hands, arms, feet and legs inside. And supervise your young users.

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