Disney's Blast to the Past is a Theme Park with Stores, Restaurants and Rides that make you feel you are in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80s and a bit of the early 90's with Famous Singers/Bands to Famous Stores and Restaurants and also Movies and TV Shows you'll have the time of your life going to the Past.


Indiana Jones and the Mine Shaft Escape

You start by going into a Mine Cart then you go forward and stop, then suddenly you drop and go really fast doing loops and sharp turns and it also feels like another cart is beside you chasing you. This ride has got to be an ADVENTUROUS ride.

Goonies: The Ride

You start by going into a cave then while walking in the cave you spot a old ragged car go into the car and then you go straight and then a boulder blocks the way you got in and THEN you go under some water and down a big drop and then you do a corkscrew and then you stop at this piano and then you finally escape and do a huge drop and Lastly you do a sharp turn around the ship. This ride will make you never say DIE!

Heroes: David Bowie's Journey

You start by going through a museum with David Bowie Memorabilia then you see a Black Corvette get into the Black Corvette and then you'll start moving forward and then you'll here the song China Girl playing then you go down a drop and then you here Heroes playing then you go down a drop into a house and then the ride stops and there's a dance party with the song Let's Dance you can ether dance or exit. You will have to love David Bowie to go on THIS ride.

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