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(Old) Viacom (2004-2006)
Cedar Fair Entertainment (2006-2017)
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Be Wild for Discovery and Adventure!


May 17, 2004

Paramount's Discovery Planet, formally Discovery Planet, is a theme park. It was a zoological and amusement theme park which was a Paramount's answer to Disney's Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld chain, and Busch Gardens chain, but at Mississippi. It was accredited by TBA

The park opened on May 17, 2004.

Paramount discovery planet logo

Paramount's Discovery Planet logo (2004-2006)


In 1998, Paramount Parks had caught the attention by Disney's brand new and fourth theme park for Walt Disney World Resort in Florida called Disney's Animal Kingdom. So since that, Paramount decided to make their own animal theme park to cash in on that Disney theme park. The development of Discovery Planet began in 1999, TBA



  • Africa Walkway - an entrance area of the park themed to Africa
  • Down Under - themed to Australia
  • Rainforest Country - themed round the rainforest
  • Nickelodeon Safari Center - featuring rides and attractions based on Nickelodeon shows
  • Tiger Jungle - themed to Asia
  • North Nature - TBA
  • Wild Cove - an aquarium-themed section
  • Farmland - a section filled with petting zoos and children's rides, themed after farm animals.


  • Safari Snoopy - a kids/family themed land themed to Peanuts.

Attractions, retails and foods

Africa Walkway

Names Year Opened Former name Type Theme Descriptions Map info Height requirement
Savanna Plains
Elephants Encounter
Prides - The Lions
Uproar (Twisted Tigers Left Track) 2004/2018 Lion (Gwazi Left Track)


Rollercoaster Roaring/Lions An RMC Gwazi Mostly centered around airtime, only 1 inversion, a zero G roll 52"

Down Under

Names Year Opened Former name Type Theme Descriptions Map info Height requirement
Boomerang 2004 Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang (2004-2006) Rollercoaster A Generic Stereotypical Australian Theme about Boomerangs (formerly Crocodile Dundee) A Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang.

Relocated from Six Flags Over Texas, which was originally going to get it before it was rejected for Titan.

Kangaroo Nickelodeon Safari Centerrdens 2004 Kangaroo Safari(2007-2016) Animal exhibit/petting zoo Kangaroos and wallabies TBA None

Rainforest Country

Names Year Opened Former name Type Theme Descriptions Map info Height requirement
Congo River Rapids 2004 TBA Water ride Congo jungle An Intamin river rapids ride 48"
Dora The Explorer Live! 2004 The Magic School Bus: Live - Discovering Rainforest (2004-2008) and Explore the Jungle, Charlie Brown (2008-2016)

Nickelodeon Safari Center

Tiger Jungle


Former Name



Tigris (Twisted Tigers Right Track) Tiger (Gwazi Right Track) An RMC Gwazi, this side focuses on inversions, with 7 of them, there is only 12 seconds of airtime. 2004/2018

North Nature

Wild Cove



Year opened

Former name


Theme Descriptions Map info Height requirement
Redo Bull Junior rollercoaster Cattle 36"
Petting Farm Petting zoo Farm animals
Farm Animals Carousel

Animal list

Attractions Animals
Savanna Plains Giraffes, zebras, ostriches, meerkats, TBA
Elephants Encounter
Prides - The Lions

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  • October 18, 2004, the park's first incident happened where a zookeeper was in the saltwater crocodiles' habitat, at the Down Under section, for feeding time to the crocs, when suddenly, he was unaware that he was way too close standing by right behind one of the crocodiles, who targets at the zookeeper and took a huge bite at his leg with it powerful jaws. TBA
  • TBA

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