Dipper and Mabel's Mystery Mystery is an interactive game.


Guests enter the attraction building and find themselves in the Gravity Falls Police Department. They are handed a small smart-phone like device by a cast member (dressed as a police officer). As they exit the building, they receive an incoming call from "Dipper Pines". Dipper appears on their phone screen and says he called them through their "fancy computer phone" to help him solve the mystery of Waddle's disappearence. Dipper says he has temporarly bought Mabel a stuffed pig as a replacement so she doesn't find out. Dipper then faces the camera towards Mabel, who is playing with the obviously fake stuffed pig. Dipper tells guests his three man theories are; 1) Waddles got kidnapped by a pterodacty. 2) Stan needed Waddles as a temporary replacement for his Unicorn made out of corn. 3) Old Man McGucket confused him for raw bacon and is now being fried to death. Dipper ends the call and guests search around the Gravity Falls area of the park for clues and hints to help solve the mystery. In the end of the game, they find out Mabel made a deal with Bill. The deal was if Bill could use Waddles body for two days he would give Mabel an infinite barrel of sprinkles. Guests then have to defeat Bill using the devices on their phone.


To defeat Bill, players are brought to a small dark room next to the GFPD. Inside the room are 3 rear-projected screens, one screen on each side of the wall. The screens are the size of the entire wall (about 10-feet high and 10-feet wide). Players need to aim their phones at Bill on the screen and shoot him 8 times to win. They shoot using the "5" button on the keypad.

If a player types in "618" on the keypad during the game at any time, they will be given a hint by Bill on the phone to help in the gameplay.

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