Notice: This is a real world park with fanon content

Darien Lake is a theme park resort located in Darien Center, New York, United States. The park opened in 1954 as a campground surround by a man made lake. In 1981 the park opened as a theme park. It has been owned by Funtime Parks, Ltd. since 1983. The park also has a water park that is included with park admission.



Rides and attractions

(#) = Fanon ride/attraction

Roller coasters

  • Viper - An Arrow looping roller coaster with five inversions.
  • Predator - A large wooden roller coaster.
  • Ladybug - A kiddie coaster.
  • Greezed Lightnin' (#) - A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster.
  • Hadoken (#) - A Premier Rides Sky Loop II roller coaster model.
  • Metroid: Zero Mission - TBA
  • XJ9 (#) - An RMC wood/steel hybrid coaster based on My Life as a Teenage Robot
  • Sonic Spinball (#) - A spinning coaster based on SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog

Water rides

  • Thunder Rapids - A log flume ride.
  • Shipwreck Falls - A boat flume ride.
  • Elmo's Bubble Bubble   (#) - A kiddie water fume 
  • Kirby's Water Adventure  (#) - A river rapids ride

Flat rides

  • Giant Wheel - A Ferris Wheel that was relocated from the 1982 World's Fair.
  • Tin Lizzy's - An antique car ride.
  • Scrambler
  • Rolling Thunder - A Larson Super Loop ride.
  • Shoryuken (#) - A 150-foot tall S&S Space Shot tower themed around Street Fighter.
  • SpongeBob's Boatmobiles (#) - Bumper cars themed to SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Mario Kart (#) - Go-Karts themed to Super Mario Bros. Extra charges apply.
  • Fairly Odd Parents Wish Drop (#) - A tall family drop ride based on Fairly Odd Parents

Kiddie rides

  • Big Bird's Balloon Race (#) - A Sesame Street themed Zamperla Samba Balloon ride.
  • The Loud House: Loud-Go-Round - TBA
  • Harvey Beaks Funhouse - TBA
  • PAW Patrol: Flying Dogs (#) - A PAW Patrol  themed "Dumbo" Ride
  • Dora's Dune Buggie Adventure (#) - A Dora the Explorer themed dark ride
  • Flying Parakoopas (#) - A Super Mario Bros.  themed Zamperla Crazy Bus ride

Other attractions

  • Star Fox 4D Mission (#) - TBA
  • TBA

Water park attractions

  • 'Cuda Falls - A four-slide complex with lots of twists.
  • TBA

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