Cyber Hero: Vanellope's Rescue is a 4D attraction that is based on Wreck-It Ralph spinoffs with a Cyber Hero crossover.


The queue will begins with the wall of cybernoids that appears in every spinoffs.


The first preshow of this ride features 


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  • The cybernoids that are featured in the queue of this ride are the following below:
    • Cyber Guy
    • Psyrazer
    • Gazewave
    • Sakura-Skybloom
    • Holly-Polly
    • Marcy-Flutterfly
    • Lacy-Stargaze
    • Pat-Hardwood
    • Fern-Fallgrass
    • Fawn-Fallgrass
    • Sky Cyber
    • Lady Skyshot
    • Shamrock Green
    • Clover Shuffle
    • Spade Sharp
    • Heart Shuffle
    • Glacier Cyber
    • Winter Cyber
    • Glacier-Glacia
    • Princess Icy
    • Mina-Mystery
    • Phantom-Chaser

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