Character Studio Park (or CHASP) is a theme park located in Brasília, Brazil. It is themed to entertainment studios with famous licensed characters throughout. It's owned and operated by CASP Entertainment, Ltd.


  • CASP Main Studio Lot - a main entrance to the park and consists of attractions based on film and television properties of Universal, Sony Pictures, MGM, Lionsgates, Hasbro Studios, etc.
  • Disney Studio Lot - based on Disney films and live-action TV shows
    • Pixar Studio Lot - based on Pixar films
    • Marvel Studio Lot - based on Marvel properties.
  • Television Studio Lot - based on Nickelodeon and Disney XD shows
  • 20th Century Fox Studio Lot - based on Fox's film and TV franchises
  • Warner Bros. Studio Lot - based on Warner Bros. and DC Comics works
  • DreamWorks Studio Lot - based on DreamWorks Animation
  • Preschool Studio Lot - based on preschool-oriented entertainment
  • Cartoon Network Studio Lot - TBA.
  • Video Game Studio Lot - based on video games of Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Namco, Capcom, and Sony's PlayStation


  • Angry Birds: Ride 'n Play
  • My Little Pony: The Ride
  • Simpsons Ride
  • Gumball Ride
  • Gravity Falls Ride
  • Steven Universe Ride
  • Final Fantasy Ride
  • Superman Ride
  • Nintendo Ride
  • Spongebob Ride




Dinning and snacks


Park's characters


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