Not to be confused with the real Cedar Point park in Sandusky, OH

Cedar Point: The Next Generation is a theme park located in Scranton, PA. The park is owned by Cedar Fair. The park is based on the real Cedar Point park in Sandusky, OH.


  • Cedar Plaza
  • Planet Snoopy
  • Nickelodeon Slime Country, USA
  • Hollywood Backlot
  • X-Base
  • Frontier Trail
  • River Town Woods


Cedar Plaza

  • Dark Horizon - A haunted house attraction that is mostly dark. Age restriction: 13+.
  • TMNT: The Ride - A spinning coaster. Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the 1987 series). Height restriction: 42".
  • Blue Steak - A family wooden coaster. Height restriction: 36".
  • WindSeeker - A 300-foot tall swing tower. Height restriction: 52".
  • Space Spiral - A 350-foot tall observation tower. Height restriction: 36".
  • GateKeeper - A steel winged coaster. Height restriction: 54".
  • Demon Drop - 400-foot tall drop tower. Height restriction: 54".
  • Pile Driver - A 200-foot tall drop tower located at WWE Cedar Point. Height restriction: 52".

Planet Snoopy

  • Joe Cool's Driving School - Kiddie bumper cars. Height restriction: 36"-54".
  • Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular - A nightly light show featuring Snoopy.
  • Kite Eating Tree - A family drop tower. Height restriction: 36".
  • Woodstock Express - A junior roller coaster. Height restriction: 36".
  • Snoopy Sky Race - A "Flying Dumbo" style attraction. Height restriction: 36".
  • Camp Wildness Run - A camp themed play area.
  • Peanuts 500 - Kiddie go karts. Height restriction: 36-52".

Nickelodeon Slime Country, USA (AKA Nickelodeon at Cedar Point)

  • SpongeBob SpinPants - A spinning roller coaster. Height restriction: 42".
  • Nick Jr. Live! - TBA.
  • The Loud House
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot
  • Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Colliders - A bumper cars style attraction with hovering saucers. Height restriction: 48".
  • Rugrats Reptarmobiles - A "Flying Dumbo" style attraction for kids. Height restriction: 36-56".
  • Fairly Odd Coaster - A family friendly wooden coaster. Height restriction: 43".
  • Avatar Airbender - A Zamperla Mega Disk'O ride. Height restriction: 48".

Hollywood Backlot

  • Drop Tower: Scream Zone - A 250-foot tall drop tower. Height restriction: 52".
  • Hurler - A wooden roller coaster based on the Wayne's World movie. Height restriction: 48".
  • Beavis & Butt-Head: That Was A Cool Ride - A dueling roller coaster loosely based on MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head. Height restriction: 48".
  • Bazinga!: The Ride - A hyper roller coaster based on "The Big Bang Theory". Height restriction: 48".
  • RoboCop: Action-Packed Stunt - A stunt show based on the "RoboCop" movies.
  • James Bond 007 Goldeneye - A launched steel roller coaster. Height restriction: 50.3".


  • Disaster Transport - A space themed indoor roller coaster. Height restriction: 46".
  • Firehawk - A flying roller coaster. Height restriction: 52".
  • Top Gun: The Jet Coaster - An inverted roller coaster themed around the movie "Top Gun". Height restriction: 54".
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of Their Shells - A live show featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Star Trek: The Ride - A motion simulator ride based on the original "Star Trek" series. Height restriction: 46".
  • BORG Assimilator - A floorless roller coaster. Theme: Star Trek The Next Generation.Height restriction: 49"

Frontier Trail

  • Snake River Falls - A log flume ride. Height restriction: 48".
  • Bison Stampede - A wooden roller coaster. Height restriction: 41".
  • Maverick - A fast paced launched roller coaster. Height restriction: 52".

River Town Woods

  • Rougarou - A stand up roller coaster. Height restriction: 54".


Cedar Plaza

Planet Snoopy

  • Snoopy Boutique

Hollywood Backlot

  • Wayne's World Rock Shop - A gift shop selling Wayne's World and rock music merchandise.
  • Top Gun Gear - A gift shop selling Top Gun merchandise.
  • Trek Shop - A gift shop selling Star Trek merchandise.



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