Bowser Tower is a drop-ride at Universal Canada's Hollywood Experience at Universal Studios Canada.

Ride Summary


Riders walk through Bowser's castle. They reach the boarding area, which is another room in the castle.


Rides board 7-seat benches. The ride starts by slowing rising 200-feet up into the top of the tower. Once at the top of the tower, Bowser is seen looking at riders, holding onto a lever in front of him. He pulls the lever and riders drop down 100-feet before going back up 50-feet, droping down 20-feet, rising 50-feet, dropping 30-feet, and then rising to the top of the tower. Bowser pulls the lever even more, causing it to break and catch fire. Riders are then sent plummeting down 200-feet to the loading area. They exit the ride.


Bowser is an animatronic. To make the lever break, bursts of flames appear in front of it and smoke is blown from the top of the vehicle onto riders.


  • Saftey Restraint: Harness, Handlebars
  • Time: 2 minutes

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