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It will perform from 3rd November to 9th November at Anime Dreams Village

2016 Version:Tribute to the Starman

it will be a special tribute to David Bowie with his songs such as Ziggy Stardust,Ashes to Ashes,Heroes and More

2015 Version

  • PRE SHOW:007 Specte-Writing on the Wall
  • Opening-The Black Hole(From Love and Mercy)
  • Disney Desendants-Rotten to the Core
  • Jersey Boys-Sherry
  • Frozen-For the first time in forever/Let it go
  • The Hobbit/LOTR Medley
  • Inside Out/The Lord of the rings Musical-Medley(The Cat and the Moon/Now and For Always/The Road Goes On)
  • Find the Music in you
  • Ouran Host Club
  • KAMIJO-20th Anniversary Medley(God Place/Rose Croix/Louis/Moulin Rouge)
  • Kingsman:The Secret Service/Rock of Ages/Anchorman
  • Love and Mercy-Medley(Surin USA/Don't Worry Baby/Surfer Girl/I Get around/Fun Fun Fun/You Still Believe in Me)
  • Supernatural-Musical(Ill Just wait here/A Single Man Tear/Carry on wayward son)
  • FINALE-Carry On Wayward son By Kansas

2014 Version

  • Opening-A Dream is a wish is your heart makes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy-Hooked on a Feeling
  • Black Butler Live Movie
  • Frozen-Let It Go
  • Bastille-If You close your Eyes
  • Anchorman Medley
  • Sailor Moon
  • Find the Music in you
  • Jersey Boys-Sherry
  • Kamijo-Medley(Louis/Death Parade/Rose Croix/Tresor/Moulin Rouge)
  • Finale-Heart By Kamijo

2013 Version: Memories of Anime Dreams Resort

  • Opening-When You wish a upon a Star
  • Let Me entertain You
  • Smells Like teen Spirit
  • Song 2
  • Buried alive by love
  • Three Little Birds
  • Iron Man 3
  • Avengers assemble
  • Anchorman 2
  • Princess Medley

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