AnimeNation:The Middle Earth Celebration is a NightTime show as Part of Middle Earth Summer at Anime Dreams Park it will preview on 28th May and it will be first Public Performance at the end of Easter Season

However It will Have The Fanfare from Normal Animenaton Show played as Normal



  • Fellowship of the Ring
  • The Two Towers
  • Return of the King


  • An Unexpected Journey
  • A Desolation of the Smaug
  • The Battle of Five Armies


  • AnimeNation Fanfare
  • The Road Goes Ever On(Part 1)/Prologue" ('Lasto i lamath')
  • Sams Speech/Now And For Always
  • Breath of Life(feat. Sheila Chandra)
  • The Steward of Gondor/Edge Of Night(featuring Billy Boyd)
  • The Green Dargon
  • Cat and The Moon
  • Blunt the Knives(That's What Bilbo Baggins Hates)
  • Misty Mountains/Song of the Lonely Mountain
  • The Road Goes On
  • Barrels Out of Bond
  • Smuag
  • The Final Battle
  • Farewells/The Road Goes On(Finale)

EXIT MUSIC I See Fire-Ed Sheeran

Before and After The Show

  • Gandalf the Grey:Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls Gandalf the Grey Here im here to let you know that Tonights Performance of Animenation: The Middle Earth Celebration will begin in Just a Few Minutes please for your own safety and respect to the others that the lighting around Main Street USA will be Dimmed into Darkness and Join Me,Frodo,Sam,Pippin and Merry and of Crouse my Friend Bilbo Baggins so trun on your flasing wands and be part of this middle earth adventure in Just a Few Minutes Thank You


  • Because Of The World of The Hobbit Opened in New Fantasyland in February and the Reopening of The Lord of the Rings:The Musical in Fantasyland The park decide to Planned a Middle Earth Summer with the Event is Called "Middle Earth Fantasy"with a Stage Show and Pre Parade for Anime Moments on Parade:Moving On
  • In March 2015 It was Called "Middle Earth Fantasy" before they change into "Frodo and Bilbos Middle Earth Fantasy"

Galadriel's Good Night Kiss

After the show Galadriel will do a good night kiss when the Guests leave the Park at Closing Time it shows Bilbo,Frodo and his friends getting ready for sleep time

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