America Hollywood Dreams Parade is a daytime parade at Universal Studios Philadelphia. It is sponsored by Chick-Fil-A.


Opening Float

We see Woody Woodpecker in a directors hat sitting on a chair with the parade logo on it. And at the back of the float, we see Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail who is waving an American flag.

America Marching Band Unit

We see the band marching along playing famous American songs.

Minions Unit

The group of yellow minions from Despicable Me franchise are all seen dressed as Americans past and present.

Spongebob SqaurePants Unit

Silimar to the SuperStar Parade float it has a America stuff all over the float

Pokemon Unit

Ash,Dawn,Brock and Pikachu are seen riding on Charzard.

Jurassic Park Unit

We see an animatronic Jurassic Park T-rex in front of JP gate.

Over the Hedge Unit

We see RJ and Verne on the food wagon

The Simpsons Unit

We see the Simpsons family, Krusty the Clown, and Sideshow Bob in the van.

The Amazing World of Gumball Unit

Gumball and Darwin are seen in front of Elmore Mall with Tina behind them

Liberty's Kids Unit

Sarah,James and Henri are seen riding on a old buggy 

The Bearastain Bears Unit

The Bear family house is seen with the Bear Family peeking out of the window



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